Outlined below are 10 ways to keep him on his toes.

Because, let us be honest, after the initial honeymoon period, generally men can forget the importance of romance.

So, how to do it?

  1. Be self-confident

Identify what boosts your self-confidence and ensure that these things are nurtured. What makes YOU feel good? For example if it’s being slim ensure you exercise and eat healthy. If it’s dressing well, ensure you maintain a nice wardrobe. There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who is self-confident.

  1. Look after yourself

Men like their ladies to look good. When in the first throws of a relationship we make an effort to impress, but it’s easy once in a relationship to let things slide. Don’t. Men do notice. Try to be conscious of this and make an effort. Sometimes you need to ditch the baggy leggings and buy some sexy lingerie………

  1. See your girlfriends

Always always always make an effort to see your girlfriends outside of the times when your boyfriend is out with his mates! Firstly don’t use your girlfriends that way and secondly by maintaining regular contact with the girls you not only receive the benefit of fabulous company and all that that entails, but it will also give you independence outside of your relationship. This demonstrates you are not reliant on your relationship and that you have other interests which will keep him wanting more.

  1. Have frequent time apart 

Absence makes the heart grow stronger, so make him miss you. Take girls holidays, go out to book club, visit family, take the kids out but have some time apart! Otherwise the relationship becomes boring and he may become complacent and stop appreciating you.

  1. Don’t be too available.

Never be available 100% of the time. particularly if you live together! Remember men like the chase.

  1. Life after kids

It’s easy after kids to forget about being a couple, the wife becomes a mother and forgets she is a wife also. Some may say this is selfish of the man, but it’s relevant. It’s important once the kids come along to carve out time for the two of you to be a couple. Date nights, weekends away etc etc.


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  1. Sex

Sex is normally one of the first things to suffer in a long term relationship but it’s one of the most important areas. It’s easy to say and I appreciate it’s hard to do if knackered from kids or work etc but like it or lump it men are sex driven and it’s important to keep this part of the relationship healthy.

  1. Don’t take him for granted

Marriage doesn’t guarantee forever so don’t fall into that trap. It’s easy, particularly with long term relationships to take your partner for granted and not give them the respect they deserve and stop making an effort. Don’t. It sounds silly, but remember they are person outside of your relationship and need to be treated with respect.

  1. Give him space to enjoy hobbies and his mates

Men like to have their own space and it’s important they are encouraged to have it. Be it seeing their friends, playing golf or being on their own it’s healthy for them to have time without you. Don’t be the voice of doom and squash his fun otherwise he will eventually rebel, encourage him to be without you!

  1. Have fun

It’s easy to forget to enjoy each other, so ensure you keep things alive and fresh by doing fun things together. Surprise him. Suggest a pub crawl, go out for cocktails, go away for the weekend or go to a football match. But regularly schedule in fun time together.



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