Act with Integrity is my number one Life Principal and my number one Value.

To me it’s the foundation of any person. Or should the foundation of any person. Without integrity you don’t have much.

FYI, the dictionary definition of integrity is: “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principals”

The Importance of integrity

Integrity is:

  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Honour

To act with integrity is to stand by what you have said you will do, to show up and be fully engaged.

Or to stand by your moral code of what is right and what is wrong.

Lack of integrity situations

Lack of integrity can surface in different forms but the main ones are below:

  1. You have committed to attend an event and you cancel at the last minute. Either you don’t want to go or something more appealing comes up.
  2. Selling something knowing it’s faulty or knowing that you are over charging.
  3. Agreeing to do something and not doing it.

Types of people

Lack of integrity generally comes in three types of people:

(1) The People Pleaser. This is someone who is scared to say no to an invitation or is scared of confrontation.


(2) The Flake. A person who will commit, but if something better comes along at a future date they will cancel. To me, this is someone screaming at me loud and clear, “you are not important enough for me”.

(3) Dishonest – someone who lies and cheats. Someone with zero integrity.

Do you want to be associated with any of these three labels?

How to act with Integrity?

Use the check list below:

  1. Keep a diary to make sure you don’t double book.
  2. If you commit to an event. Go.
  3. Be honest in your dealings with people.
  4. Don’t say or do anything that goes against your moral code
  5. Think. Would I want to be treated this way?
  6. Don’t commit unless you know you will do it. Ever. Saying no is far better than saying yes but not meaning it.


Integrity is my most important Value and Life Principal but it’s also the easiest to adopt.

  • If I say I’m going somewhere I go.
  • If I say I’m going to do something. I do it.
  • I treat people with respect and honesty. Always

For further reading on this topic look at:


ps – in case I wasn’t clear, remember going forward to act with Integrity – Think Honour, Think Honesty and Think Commitment!


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