One of my Annual Pilgrimages is to go and buy new bras.

Last week I set off to John Lewis and whilst rummaging through the lingerie section (oddly located adjacent to the men’s toilets. Is intentional and clever or unintentional and stupid??) I tried to focus on the positives of what I was doing because quite frankly I hate bra shopping. It’s boring and bloody expensive.

Whilst going through the motions of the actual bra fitting (embarrassing however old you are) it got me thinking as to exactly why I go to the effort and expense every year?

I know that a good fitting bra is important for posture and for me, pain management, but I was curious to find out more and (probably) to justify why I had spent so much!

So when I got home,  I did some research and I’ve got to be honest, I hadn’t realised the importance of a correctly fitted bra and I hadn’t appreciated that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong size.

So to persuade you ladies to go and review your bra situation, I’ve identified the problems associated with a poorly fitting bra, how to get the perfect fit and how to measure yourself.

Problems Associated with the Wrong Sized Bra


  • It looks bad! Bulging bits left, right and centre under clothes
  • Poor Posture
  • Uncomfortable
  • Blocked Lymph Nodes
  • Creates more sagging
  • Rounded Shoulders
  • Curvature of the back
  • Indigestion because diaphragm and lungs are restricted
  • Shortness of Breath
  • IBS
  • Hernia
  • Tendonitis
  • Head Aches
  • Neck Pains
  • Back Pain

How to get the Perfect Fit

I’ve attached some photos I found rather helpfully on the back of a changing room door. Hopefully you can see them.

IMG_20160830_180846_edit1 IMG_20160830_180854_edit

The Golden Rules for the perfect fitting bra are:

  1. The Back Band needs to be horizontal and you should be able to fit two fingers underneath it.
  2. The bra should be worn on the loosest hook so as it gets worn, you can tighten inwards.
  3. Your boobs need to fit into the cup comfortably with no over spill or have too much room.
  4. The Bra needs to be comfortable.
  5. The straps need to be adjusted to support the boobs without digging in.
  6. Underwired Bras are not suitable for growing boobs, for instance if pregnant.
  7. Try a variety of brands and style to establish which suit you.

How to measure yourself


  1. Grab a tape measure
  2. With your bra on, measure directly underneath your boobs. The tape measure needs to be horizontal around your body and not sagging. This is the Band size – 30, 32, 34
  3. With your bra on, measure firmly around the fullest part of your boobs. Make sure the tape measure is taut and straight, again not sagging or too tight. This is your cup size
  4. Place these measurements into a Bra Size Website – there are various
  5. They will tell you your bra size.
  6. If in doubt, go to your local department store and get measured properly though!


Now go home, get out your bras and make sure they fit!

I hope this helped





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