I decided to write How To Get Rid Of Those Lingering To Do Items based on a few enquiries I’ve had following my Kick Ass At Work Series.

You can use this genius (yet uber simple method) at work or at home to get rid of those annoying list items that never seem to get done.

Ring any bells?

The good news is, using this method will ensure you get these things done painlessly and with enjoyment.

Think of the satisfaction you will feel seeing all those old jobs crossed off your ever expanding to do list?

The key to unlocking this wonderment is called Power Hour.

All you need to do is the following:

  1. Pick a set time every week in which you are going to tackle these annoying jobs.
  2. If it’s Personal Power Hour (PPH) then you may decide to allocate one hour on a Tuesday evening or maybe one hour on a Saturday.
  3. It its Work Power Hour (WPH) then you may decide to allocate one hour during the week where you are generally at your least productive which could be last thing Friday afternoon for example.
  4. Every week, during power hour, tackle one of those jobs that seems to linger on your To Do List.
  5. If you don’t complete said job in the one hour allocation, finish it in the following weeks Power Hour. Make sense?

It’s as simple as that.

The satisfaction of getting these jobs done is amazing and in no time at all you will clear your list

Warning, what tends to happen is that you enjoy Power Hour so much, it can turn into Power x 2 Hour, which is fine (ish) but only if it doesn’t interfere with other stuff.

The key to this, is to ensure that you commit religiously to your Power Hour every week until “pooooooff” everything is cleared off your list.

Good luck.



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