Welcome to my blog post How To Stay Energised At Work – Kick Ass At Work Lesson 10.

Staying energised at work is one of the most common complaints I hear from my Client’s.

In fact, it’s one of the most common complaints I hear about full stop: inside or outside of work!

So, I’ve compiled 13 super easy tips that will help you find more energy:

  1. Sleep – Prioritise sleep generally. It’s obvious, but if you are not getting quality sleep, you will not perform well during the day. Ensure you get the quality sleep you need by establishing a set bed time during the working week. Work backwards by establishing how many hours sleep you need each night and set a bed time accordingly. Also use black out blinds, ear plugs, have a cool room temp etc. See my previous articles on this topic: Basic Sleep Remedies, Turbo Charged
  2. Exercise – First thing in the morning if you can. Richard Branson says this is the most important way to stay energized. It wakes you up, gets the endorphins going and will give you energy for rest of day. It’s also proven that exercise first thing will make you sleep better. I can’t stress what a difference this makes to my working day.
  3. Hydrate – Stay hydrated. The biggest cause of lack of energy is dehydration. Get a Water Jug and put it on your desk. Not sure how much water you need? Half body weight in pounds to get fluid ounces needed. Forget to drink? Set an alarm to remind you to drink every 30 minutes.
  4. Diet – You are what you eat so ensure your diet is good. Eat energy giving foods from good fats, proteins and carbs: nuts, seeds, oily fish, spinach, eggs, fresh veg. Take in a healthy packed lunch rather than grabbing an un-healthy snack when starving hungry.
  5. Reduce Caffeine – Contrary to popular belief, too much caffeine can be energy sapping. Keep it to below 400 milligrams and try not to drink caffeine after midday. For guidance, a cup of instant coffee contains 65 mg, Starbucks Americano is 150 mg.
  6. Stress Triggers – Stress is a massive contributor towards feeling shattered! Easier said than done, but take a couple of minutes to identify what your stress triggers are? Once you’ve identified what they are, work out what you can do to reduce them? For example: If feeling overwhelmed on a Monday morning makes you feel stressed, then the answer could be to compile a To Do List on a Friday afternoon OR Getting into work earlier on a Monday morning to prepare for the start of the week etc.
  7. MIT First – Energy is linked to motivation and my best motivation tip is to accomplish the most important thing first thing in the morning. See my previous article on this.
  8. Work in Intervals – The Pomodoro method advocates 25 minute intervals to ensure you stay refreshed. I personally think you need longer intervals but establish what works for you. Set a timer and walk away from your desk every 45 minutes or so and take a break.
  9. Office Environment – Ensure your office environment is pleasant and healthy; plenty of plants, use a pelvic wedge to ensure your posture is good when sitting, use a stand-up desk or computer platform, sit near plenty of sunlight, have a window open for lots fresh air. Also, mix it Up! Don’t always work in the office, go to a coffee shop or work from home. Change your environment.
  10. Stop Working – When you start to feel “frazzled” STOP working. Take a break. Go meditate. Go for a walk in the fresh air. Get some distance between you and your desk.
  11. Manage the Energy Drains – Manage either the Distractions or the People who are draining your energy. Block them out if necessary.
  12. Delegate or pay people to do the jobs you hate- If you are able to, get someone else to the jobs you find demotivating and energy sapping. Identify what they are and delegate or pay someone else to do.
  13. Office Hours –Decide on acceptable office hours and try to stick to them. Turn off devices etc after “closing shop”. Be disciplined. See my previous article on this.

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I hope this helped you



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