Laser Focus and tackling the Most Important Task first. That’s how most successful people get ahead.

They have laser focus on the most important “project or task” that has to be done and don’t get distracted until that task is done.

If there is one way to instantly boost your efficiency in the work place then this is it.

It doesn’t matter how long your To Do List, every morning identify the one task that that has to be done that day.

The Most Important Task.

Identify what that task is. Then do it. First thing.

As far as possible (and it should be), don’t look at your e-mails, answer phones or gossip with your colleagues. Don’t get distracted by anything or anyone else.

Focus on that one task until it’s done.

It may take 10 minutes, 1 hour or all week, doesn’t matter. Just focus on that.

Most people are more alert and productive first thing in the morning, hence this is the best time to get the MIT done.

Unless you are in a job of a Reactive Nature, such as a Call Centre, this method can be adopted.

Leave answering e-mails, returning phone calls, meetings and the nitty bitty tasks until after your MIT has been completed. Use your good work energy for the most important task, the other things can survive without as much “juice”.

Adopt this method and I promise a massive return.



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