I’m going to provide you with the most powerful motivation exercises I know.

If you’re motivated to achieve a goal,  then you can move mountains.

If you’re not motivated, then zero will be achieved.

As a Coach, my number one objective for you is to ensure that you are motivated to achieve the success you deserve.

Be it career success, be it a personal development goal or be it a business target.

Without motivation there is no point in coaching because you simply won’t succeed.

Personal development, career progression and business success take motivation to achieve.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

Are you getting the drift as to how important motivation is?!

As such, I thought I would give you a brief description of the exercises that I know will guarantee motivation.

Here we go:

Consequences of Not Achieving  

Write out the consequences of not achieving your goal. This has an extremely powerful way of focussing the mind and pushing you. If you’re fully aware of what won’t happen as a result of non-achievement, it will drive you to success.

The Benefits of Achievement

The reverse of the above and just as effective, write a list of the benefits of achieving your goal. What exactly are the positives that achieving the goal will bring to your life? If that doesn’t motivate you, I’m not sure what will.


The possibility of a reward is a sweetener in the process of achieving. If an employer is looking to motivate their employees for example, one of the best ways to motivate employees is to incentivise them. The same applies to you personally. To keep yourself motivated to achieve, promise yourself a reward upon completion.


Identify your weaknesses to achieving the goal (ask a friend or a colleague to help you) and then work on removing the weaknesses. If you remove your weaknesses, then there will be no stopping you. Motivation in itself.


Energy & Happiness

Identify the things that give you energy (working out for example) and make you happy (spending time with you kids), make a list of all of them and ensure that you make them part of your everyday life. Obviously, the things that make you happy and give you energy are going to give you more motivation to achieve.

Get Fit & Get Nutritious

Before you can consider being motivated it’s vital that you are getting adequate exercise and good nutrition on a daily basis. Read my free e-book on Instant Happiness to find out why, but in a nutshell, there is zero point working on your motivation if your body is not being supported properly. It’s two simple equations:

exercise + nutritious diet = HAPPINESS

happiness + goal = MOTIVATION


Read or listen to as many motivating books or podcasts as you possibly can without becoming overwhelmed. Listening to a good personal development book does absolute wonders for motivation. Look at my blog post – 10 Best Self-Help Books for inspiration.


Identify the people who motivate you, tell them what you need to achieve and ask them to help you stay motivated. The power you can get from other people to help motivate you is amazing, even more so, they can help you when you’re feeling demotivated. If you can afford it, get a coach to help you like me. We are professionals at helping  our clients achieve their goals and to stay motivated!


I hope this helped you!


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