Not rocket science, but frequently ignored and totally underestimated.

Taking frequent breaks during the work day will increase your productivity.

Do you know when you need a break?

Symptoms to alert you to take a break

  1. Your wired
  2. Your bored
  3. Starting to day dream
  4. Tired
  5. Back or neck start to ache
  6. Eyes hurt
  7. Headaches
  8. Overwhelmed by work
  9. Making mistakes
  10. Going round in circles
  11. Moody

This is not one size fits all, but these are the most common signs.

I encourage you to work out which yours are?

Mine is when I’m wired.

I’m totally frazzled, yet so in the flow that I literally can’t stop working.

That’s when I know I need to stop!

So I do.

When to take a break

Depends on your job and the flexibility you have over your work day.

The break can be as little as 5 minutes but it needs to be taken every time you need it.

It’s up to you to work out when this is and for how long it needs to be.

To be clear, I’m not referring to a lunch break.

These breaks are additional to your lunch

Best way to take a break

  • Get some fresh air – go for a walk. Even a 5 minute one will help. This is the best thing to do in my opinion. 20 minute walk will literally work wonders.
  • Meditate – ideally go somewhere appropriate away from your desk. But if you can’t download a meditation App and do it sitting at your desk (not looking at your computer).
  • Go for a walk around the office to stretch your legs. If you are up for it, run up and down the fire escape!
  • Grab a coffee or a snack and go and enjoy somewhere other than your desk.
  • Take a cold shower (even better a plunge pool).
  • Lie down for a power nap. Ideally somewhere conducive to sleep, if not improvise.
  • Change of scenery. Go and take come calls in the conference room or in the canteen.
  • Do Yoga class or do some yoga moves behind your desk
  • Go to the gym for a blast on the running machine or cross trainer.
  • Go to the shops
  • At the very least stop looking at your computer.


Do not dismiss this!

Experiement with it. It works.

The next time you feel overwhelmed by work and are convinced you can’t stop because you are “soooooooo busy.”


Get up. Got for a walk outside.

Then come back and analyse how much more productive you are and more importantly how you feel.

I can guarantee 50 times better!

See the scientific proof on this:

Have a good week at work




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