Welcome to my blog post: The Life Changing Magic of a Routine.

One of the secrets to my success is definitely my routine, I find when I don’t stick to my routine things simply don’t get done.

I believe routine is the key to success for many people actually.

I personally have a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual routine for both personal and business.

Sounds anal? It’s not! My routine is so ingrained into my life now that I don’t even realise I’m doing it half the time.

Benefits of a Good Routine

Benefits of a routine

  1. Efficient. Because there is no room to be distracted or waste time. You know what to do and when.
  2. You get stuff done! When you plan your routine and have the discipline to stick to it, you achieve.
  3. Frees up time. Working within a routine schedule removes the procrastination element in life so it gives you more time.
  4. Saves you time. As above, a routine promotes “flow” which saves time.
  5. Reduces stress. Because you’re getting things done!
  6. Boosts happiness. Because you’re getting things done!
  7. Boosts satisfaction levels. Because you are getting things done!
  8. Helps to break bad habits. Because creating a routine to avoid falling into bad habits.
  9. Saves you money. Because (for example) you will do only one weekly shop and avoid spending $$$ here and there when you drop into the supermarket.
  10. Creates more leisure time. Because you will organise yourself better and create more time for yourself.

So how do you get a routine? Where do you start? Here are the details to The Life Changing Magic of a Routine and more importantly how you get one!

Plan Your Routine

The beauty of a routine is how easy it is to implement yet how effective it will be on your life.

To help you establish your routine, please answer the following questions:

  1. What would you like to achieve in an average day / week? Exercise? Walk? Piano practise? Cleaning? Catch up with friends? Don’t worry about how and when you’re going to fit in, just work out, what you would like to fit in.
  2. Then establish how much sleep you need? When is bed time? What’s the earliest you can get up?
  3. Think back over a typical day. How much time do you waste? What are you doing? What efficiencies can you find? For example, can you polish living room furniture whilst waiting for dinner to cook? Can you call your friends on your commute home from work?
  4. How can other people help you fit more into the day? For example hiring a cleaner, getting your kids to make their beds.
  5. Structure each day into half an hour time slots and allocate time to the things you would like to achieve.
  6. ACTION. For at least 90 days.

It may feel overwhelming at first and depending on your personality type, it may be wise to start your routine with baby steps. For example, introduce on new routine item once a week.

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Tips For A Good Routine

The following tips may help you:

  1. Discipline. Stick to your allocated timings and don’t slip. Be strict with yourself.
  2. Get up earlier, I did a blog post on this recently and it’s a game changer. Use the extra time in the morning to get exercise done for example which frees time up in the evening for more leisure.
  3. Decide when your going to get to work in the morning and when your going to leave and stick to these times.
  4. Hire a cleaner.
  5. Create a weekly menu plan and do one food shop only (saves time and money).
  6. On-line food shopping.
  7. Have meetings in the same place, be it personal or business. Rather than commuting all over the place.
  8. Use conference call facilities: skype, facetime, zoom in replacement of meeting up if time is short.
  9. Say no. Don’t over commit yourself.
  10. Limit TV time.
  11. Double up on things, for example, catch up with friends whilst walking. Clean teeth whilst doing squats

My Routine

My routine varies slightly each day,  but it roughly follows the below (Monday to Friday) to enable to fit in the key things I want to achieve on a daily basis:

  • Wake at 5.30 am
  • Exercise until 6.15 am (ish)
  • Meditate & gratitude practice.
  • Shower and dress
  • Work (I have specific work routine also)
  • 20 to 30  minute power walk at lunch listening to self development book.
  • Chore 5 to 6 PM
  • Write my book 6 PM to 7 PM
  • Bed by 9.30 to read.

The key things here are for me to fit in on a daily basis are: exercise, meditation, fresh air, self development, chores, book writing and reading. If I do all of these in one day I’ve achieved.

Additional to the above, on a Friday afternoon about 3 ish I plan my key tasks for the following week.

On a Sunday, I menu plan for the week so I know what meals I’m going to eat and more importantly what ingredients I’m going to buy. I may also do some bulk cooking on Sunday to save me time cooking in the week,

I break my days up into more detail than the above, but I don’t want to baffle you with too much on this blog post.

My parting advice is to work out those key things that you wish to achieve daily and weekly and then plan them into your schedule and do them come hell or high water.

Keep going for 90 days and it will become second nature.

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