If you absolutely HATE your job, you’re not alone. Many of my life coaching clients come to me for exactly this reason.

It’s horrible.

If you feel this way, then I’m here to tell you that this is not the way to live your life and you’re not trapped in this position.

But you do have to make some changes.


I’m not sure if you’ve assessed this before, but on average, you’re at work for 50% of your waking life.


Now, if you were discussing life choices with your child, would you encourage them to work for 50% of their life in a job that they hate?

No, you wouldn’t.

So why are you doing the same?


I appreciate, if you hate your job yet still work there, you are doing so for one reason.


You can’t afford not to work.

In fact, you’re probably screaming down the computer screen at me as to how impractical I’m being about leaving your job.

Trust me I’m not.

I appreciate anyone who is working in a job they hate is doing so because of the money.

However, if you can’t change your situation then who can?

The only thing between you and your job happiness is you.

Only you can make the change.


The first thing I encourage any client to do when they come to me for help is to identify exactly what they hate.

Is it:

  • Industry
  • Boss
  • Colleagues
  • Company
  • Commute
  • Salary
  • The role
  • The hours
  • Lack of client’s capabilities (out of their depth).

It’s very easy to claim you hate your job, but why do you hate it?

Why do you hate your job specifically?

Answering the two questions below may help you:

What would need to happen for you to like your job?

When did you start to hate your job? What happened?

Chance of recovery?

If it’s a case of literally hating the job, as in all of it, then skip to the next section.

However, if you’ve identified one or two things that you don’t like, then it may be that the situation is salvageable.

For example, if you hate your boss, is it just you that hates your boss or does everyone hate her? If everyone hates her, then can you collectively go to HR or your bosses boss to raise this issue?

Or, can you talk to your boss and explain how you’re feeling? Explain how she is making you feel? Is there a reason she is treating you like she is treating you?

Can you move teams?

Or is there a chance your boss may leave in the near future?

Perhaps you are being unfairly treated? If that’s the case then you need to go to HR.

Another example could be you hate your job because of your colleagues.

What can you do to try and make the situation better?

Socialise with them more?

Try and bond by asking individuals out for lunch?

Move teams?

Asking your boss for advice as to how you can bond more?

Or, maybe it’s not your problem you don’t get on with your colleagues, perhaps they are jealous of you and purposefully being horrible. If that’s the case is it worth complaining? Is it worth confronting them?

If the problem is the hours that you’re working, can you look for efficiencies? Can you delegate more? Can you work flexitime? Can you work part time?

What I’m trying to demonstrate here, is that you have options.

Don’t automatically throw the towel in and leave, there is a chance that the job is salvageable.

Exit Strategy

However, if it’s a case that the job is toxic and you literally can’t stand it, then leave.

I always say, try and get at least two years under your belt before you leave otherwise it can be detrimental for your CV, but if the job is toxic and it’s making you miserable then DO NOT STAY.

So, if you know you have to leave, I would take time to update your CV and start to network in the market, contact people in the industry to find out what’s out there.

I also encourage you to consult a CV / Interview Coach such as City CV.

They are well worth their weight in fees because they not only assess your CV, they will also review your LinkedIn profile (the number one platform for recruitment consultants) but more importantly they will do mock interviews with you. Plus of course they have lots of recruitment contacts.

Listen to podcast I did with Victoria McLean of City CV which will really help you.


As I said earlier, the main reason someone stays in a job is because of money.

If finances are keeping you in a job that you hate then ask yourself the following:

  1. What are my minimum expenses every month?
  2. What are my “choice expenses” that I can reduce every month? For example, gym membership, nails etc.
  3. Can I reduce minimum expenses by downsizing my home? Selling my car?
  4. Can I supplement my income by any other means?
  5. When did I last review my mortgage package, my credit card package, my utilities provider, mobile phone bill?
  6. How can I reduce my food shopping bill?
  7. Do I have to work? Can we survive on my partners wage?

My point with this line of questioning is for you to explore your financial position properly.

You assume that your financial position is fixed, as in how much money you need every month to survive, but often if you scratch the surface and start to investigate finances properly you will be surprised as to what you can save.

Now, at this point, may clients push back and say they don’t want to forfeit dinners out, private school for their kids, beauty treatments etc and that’s fine, but sometimes if you really really hate a job and feel you can’t leave because of financial reasons, the reality is you probably can, if it’s that bad but you will have to forfeit luxuries whilst you retrain or look for something else.

Weigh it up, what’s more important, being happy or having the additional cash for the luxuries?


If you’re reading this at home and feel trapped and depressed about your job situation, then my number one piece of advice for you is to go and talk to a friend or your partner now and brainstorm the situation.

Ideally, go and see a Coach if you can afford it.

Life is too short to stay in job that you hate.

You’re not trapped.

This blog post is brief, I could go into a lot more detail but the important message I want to get across is that you do have options.



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