19 Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Career – it’s a corker of a blog and I’m going to provide you with 19 powerful tips to help you identify what your dream career could be.

Identifying a dream career, is one of the biggest stumbling blocks I come across with clients, so I thought I would make it easy for you, without the need to consult a Career Coach or Life Coach.

The 19 tips do vary, but you will notice that some are very similar. I haven’t grouped the similar ones together simply because one tip may spark an idea for you; but not someone else.

Hence, I’ve separated all.

Few key comments from me before you begin:

  1. I’m providing you with the clues that may help you identify your dream career BUT it obviously doesn’t stop there. You then need to do the leg work.
  2. Nobody can tell you what career you should be doing, only you can work that out.
  3. Although you should definitely follow your dreams, that’s my goal for everyone as a Coach but DON’T just assume because you love doing something as a hobby it means you should do it for your new career.
  4. It’s unlikely that the answer is going to simply drop into your lap via an epiphany. Some of you may be lucky to get this BUT most of you won’t. You will need to explore and research different avenues before ultimately taking a leap.
  5. You have to be PRACTICAL. I’m one for taking a massive leap of faith and following your dreams, hell I did that. BUT don’t be reckless. Take risks for sure, push yourself out of your comfort zone, but don’t be reckless unless you can deal with the consequences.
  6. Don’t be fixed to an outcome. What? By this I mean, time and time again with both clients and from my own personal experience, setting out to achieve Plan A, actually results in achieving Plan G, which is a million times better than what you could have ever achieved with Plan A. Eh? What am I trying to say? RELAX with the journey, you’re going to face obstacles along the way, sometimes persistently, that may divert the route you want to take, don’t fight this too much. Be open to all avenues.
  7. BABY STEPS – If you think about the end goal only, you will become overwhelmed with the outcome and how to get there. DON’T fall into this trap. Instead, think in baby steps. For example, following the exercise below, you get inspiration to become a teacher. Brilliant – ok, so what’s your first step to becoming a teacher? What is the first tiny weany step you can take? It could be, speak to a teacher and find out how exactly what they do OR speak to a university course administrator to understand entry requirements. Once that’s done, take the next baby step.
  8. Don’t let your finances stop you from pursuing a career change. You will have options.
  9. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR CAREER. EVER. Yes, there will probably be barriers, but I’ve worked with lots of people of all ages to help them transition from one career to another
  10. Get a Coach – we are qualified to help you work this stuff out. We’re professionals at it!

So here are the 19 tips, are you ready?

Slowly go through and explore the one that resonates with you.

Good luck!

1. Follow Your Energy

20 Ultimate Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Career

To be honest, this is the most powerful way to find out what your true calling is. You can probably forget about the other 18 if I’m honest.
This is the BIG one.

Analyse what gives you energy and voila – there is your answer.

Well kind of.

I mean I get lots of energy from exercising but that doesn’t mean I want to become a PT Instructor.

So, what do I mean?

Think over your life now and back in time (you may need to monitor this for a wee while if you can’t remember) and identify those jobs, people, places, things you did, hobbies, books etc that energised you.

Then follow the clues.

Always follow the energy and you won’t go wrong.

What invigorated you and could it be a career potential?

2. What Would You Do for Free?

20 Ultimate Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Career

What would you happily do for free?

Think about that.

Don’t automatically rule out what you’re thinking as being unrealistic as job BECAUSE there is literally a job for everything you can think of. For example, do you like going out for meals? Did you know that you can get paid for that? Perhaps you could start an independent restaurant review website……

Do you like mini breaks? Could you venture into being a travel writer? Could you start a boutique mini break service that caters to wine lovers?

This is a good question and often brings clarity for my clients.

If you HAD to do something for free, what would it be?

So, reading could be a good example. You love to read. Is it worth exploring publishing, magazine industry, becoming a writer, book reviewer for kindle, a proof reader or working in a library?

Basically, think of jobs that revolved around reading, books, magazines etc.

So to repeat, think through your life, what would you do for free?

3. Take A Test

You can take a variety of tests that will help identify:

  • The industries that will suit you
  • A particular career that suits you or
  • An analysis of your personality traits so you can work out for yourself what type of jobs maybe of interest.

I rate the tests below, but do you research and see what else you can come up with.

The paid tests are probably the better ones.

SHL Occupational Career Questionnaire

Myers Briggs

Clifton Strengths Finder

4. Consult a Professional Careers Advisor

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

Remember when you were at school trying to pick your options and you saw a Careers Advisor who helped you identify which careers would suit you and the GCSE’s or A Levels that you should take?

Well there is a similar service available to you if you’re an adult.

Simple google “Professional Careers Advisor” for your area and see what’s what.

For example: Career Consultants – Sarah Berry

They will help analyse which jobs would suit you and what you need to do (training, qualifications) to get one.

5. Who Has Inspired You?

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

Think of the people you know who are famous and inspire you – what do they do?

Also think about the people you know personally who inspire you – what do they do?

Finally think back to the people you’ve professionally consulted within the past and you enjoyed being with or felt inspired by.

What did they do?

Could this be an option?

Think carefully and then write a list of these people down and their jobs and see if anything sparks inspiration for you.

6. Ask Your Nearest & Dearest

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

Speak to those people who know you the best and ask them for their honest feedback on what they think you would be good at and what they think you would enjoy?

You’ll be surprised as to how perceptive those people closest to you are.

Take their advice,

See where it leads.

7. Ask Your Professional Network

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

If appropriate to do so, ask your boss and your colleagues their view on what they think would be the perfect career for you?

Like your nearest and dearest, you will be surprised as to how helpful this exercise can be.

They work with you in a professional capacity so should definitely know what would suit you professionally.

Ask them!

8. What Interests You?

What do you talk passionately about? What do you actively research on the internet or watch on the news? What “gets you going”?

What do you attend in your spare time? What clubs are you in? Where do you like to visit? What protests interest you? What petitions to do you sign? Are you an avid watch of the news? Do you like politics? Are you passionate about education?

Do you like to go to art galleries? Museums? Restaurants? Country houses?

Phew – A LOT of questions, but all will help you on your career finding quest.

Give them serious thought.

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Ultimate 5 Career Coaching Tips

9. Magic Weekend

If I could wave a magic wand and deliver you the perfect weekend, what would you be doing?

If it’s uninterrupted peace and quiet in the garden perhaps you need to explore a career that involves being outside, horticulture, garden design or working in Kew Gardens?

Perhaps you dream of going somewhere hot and spending the weekend sunbathing, relaxing, site seeing or drinking nice wine?

Maybe you should consider travel writing, starting a travel blog, learning massage, becoming a travel rep or opening a wine shop?

Follow the inspiration.

10. Adult Work Experience

Adult Work Experience

Try adult work experience.

I don’t mean some dodgy sex site!

I mean legitimate work experience opportunities, but for adults.

Look up ViewVo a brilliant website which can help you find work experience as an adult.

Give a few different roles a go and see what takes your fancy.

Also try Internships.This is where you work somewhere for free basically – think of work experience when you were younger.

They can help you get your foot in the door and get yourself noticed.

11. What Did You Enjoy as a Child

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

A clue as to where you could look for career ideas, is to think back to when you were a child and identify what you enjoyed?

This doesn’t work for many people, but I’ve had success with a few people using this.

This approach helps because it allows you to think back to a time when you were carefree and money wasn’t a driver.

Think about that – money not being a driver.

Interesting approach hey?

12. What Do You Enjoy Learning?

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

Most people look at me vacantly when I ask this because they haven’t learnt anything new in a long while, but bear with me!

This is a good one.

Think back to courses you’ve been put on at work, anything interest you?

Look at Open University website or the website of your local college, look at the courses they offer, anything interests you?

Look at Udemy – anything interests you there?

If something does interest you, investigate it further.

13. What Has Always Been Your Dream?

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

Let’s not ignore the obvious one.

If there is something you’ve always dreamed of doing? Why not explore this further?

Is it opening a bar on the beach in Bora Bora?

Is it opening a book shop?

Is it designing greeting cards?

Is it planning parties:?

If it’s opening a bar in Bora Bora, why not work in a bar for a week during your holidays? Doesn’t have to be Bora Bora, why not Spain? Put a request out on FaceBook to see if any of your friends know of anyone who needs help in their bar.

I say “don’t ignore the obvious one” because it can be easy to ignore the simple solution when your desperately trying to find it!

14. Hobbies & Spare Time

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

An obvious place to look for career inspiration is to look to your hobbies and what you like to do in your spare time.

The hobby one being the easiest.

If it’s a hobby, then it’s something you do for free and you really enjoy, so is there a potential career opportunity there?

Also, on your evenings and weekends, what do you like to do?

Really think about this, what do you actively look forward too?

If you love meeting up with your mates for a catch up is it worth exploring starting a small side business with a friend for example?

15. What Do You Research on the Internet and Pinterest?

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

What do you enjoy researching when you have to buy something or what do you find yourself frequently researching because you enjoy reading / looking at the posts?

For example:

Do you love looking for outfit ideas on Pinterest – Personal Stylist?

Do you like looking at houses – Estate Agent?

Do you like looking at interiors – Interior Design?

16. Which Magazines do you Buy?

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

When you go into the newsagent, which magazine stand are you drawn towards? Do you love to flick through the latest interior design magazines? Garden magazines? Gossip magazines.

Lots of avenues here.

If you like magazines, then perhaps working for a magazine  would be a good career for you OR perhaps the magazines you like to look at can give you a clue.

17. What do You Like Doing for Other People?

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

What do your friends come to you for?

What do you actively like to do for friends?

When someone asks for help on Facebook, what are you scrabbling around helping them to answer?

My husband is the master researcher and bargain hunter for example and loves to find deals for people. So, if he were looking for a change in career, one of his options could be to set up a company to help people find the bargain deals or work for a price comparison site or build his own price comparison site or work for Which Magazine.

18. What are You Good At?

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

Back to the basics with this question, but what are you good at?

Where do your skills lie? I know I know, you may not want to actively pursue a career that plays to your skills at the moment PLUS skills can be acquired BUT still look at this.

Not sure what your skills are?

You can take professional tests in this also – Clifton Strength Finder is a good one.

19. Slow Down, Meditate and Listen to Your Gut

20 Tips To Identify Your Dream Career

Those of you who have worked with me or know me, will know that I am in no way “wooowooo”.

I’m as practical as they come HOWEVER, I thoroughly embrace the fact, as do most successful business people that I know, that in order to achieve anything, in order to achieve success, in order to get the answers to the big questions you keep asking yourself,  that you have to SLOW DOWN and calm your mind.

When you have a clear mind, BOOM, clarity will come.

When you have a clear mind, BOOM, inspiration will come.

When you have a clear mind, BOOM, the answer will come.

Don’t believe me?

Try it.

Meditation, walk in the fresh air, slow down, exercise and try and tune into what your body and gut is telling you and I can assure you a path will open up.

If you’ve got to a stage where you mind is hurting; thinking too much about what you want to do, the best thing you can do is STOP.

Leave the thinking for a few weeks, clear your mind, meditate or try present moment practise and basically switch off for a while.

You can’t force an answer. It will come eventually, but you may have to be patient.

There you are. My 19 tips to help you find that dream career.

Have you got some inspiration?

Hopefully you have.

So what next?

See below:

Next Steps

If you find one of the 19 tips resonates with you, take it another step further by answering the 2 questions below to establish if it’s worth exploring further:

  1. Is it sustainable?
  2. Is it something I would be happy to do day in and day out?

I hope this helped you, I really do.

I’m going to say again, don’t stress if you can’t think about that dream job.

It’s normal and the solution will present itself to you at some point.

In the meanwhile though, if you’re in a job that you don’t like, please please please try and adjust your mindset accordingly.

Look at this blog post to help you: When You Hate Your Job.

Don’t let it bring you down.



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