According to Which? October 2016, Sainsbury is the cheapest for cosmetics overall.

Which? Carried out a survey analysing the price of 61 different cosmetic products over 6 months and Sainsbury came out 17.1% cheaper than the most expensive place which was Boots.

They ranked the cheapest place to buy the 61 cosmetics to the most expensive as the following:

  1. Sainsbury- £243.95 (for the 61 products)
  2. Asda – 246.10
  3. Morrisons – £255.87
  4. Tesco – £259.53
  5. Superdrug – £260
  6. Ocado – 270.55
  7. Waitrose – £283.58
  8. Boots – £285.73

They carried out the survey from 19th January 2016 to 19th July 2016 and calculated the average price of each product including special offer discounts but not including multi-buys.

They also came across some staggering disparity in prices. In one case, a 100 ml tube of Colgate was £1.65 in Asda and £3.99 in Boots. More than double the price!


It’s unlikely you will find yourself buying 61 cosmetic products at once, but this survey does show if you have the time and the inclination, researching the price of cosmetics before you purchase may save you some money and generally buying from one of the big supermarket chains is cheaper.

Finally, be careful of the Pound Shops.

I think the Pound Shop concept is brilliant and they do have their place, but be wary when buying branded cosmetics, you may think you are getting a bargain (and you may well be) but in a lot of cases the size of the product will be smaller than the supermarket competitors.



I got my information from Which? 2016 (I subscribe), but I’m sure if you go to their website you will find related article.



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