The kitchen is a room that is often over looked when it comes to Decluttering.

But it needs to be given priority.

Kitchens have evolved to become the main room in a family home, becoming bigger and fancier than ever before.

As such, how the kitchen is presented and maintained is really important.

A good Declutter (and decoration) of your kitchen can work absolute miracles as to how you feel about your home.

So read on for Declutter advice.

Over View of Method

Having tried different ways to Declutter a kitchen, the most effective way I’ve found is to totally empty the kitchen of everything.

  • Place everything (aside from fixed cupboards and white goods) into another room.
  • Clean
  • Declutter
  • Put everything back

Everything must have a home

Decluttering Rule 101.

Every object needs to have a home.

If an item has a specific home, you will more than likely place it back where it belongs keeping everything neat and tidy going forward.

This applies to the kitchen more than any other room because it forms the “hub of the house” and tends to attract to clutter.

Involve the family

My Decluttering Clients know I try to make the Decluttering of a home a family thing.

It’s a brilliant way to:

  • Teach your children how to be tidy. A life skill that they will fall back on for the rest of their lives.
  • Promote family time whilst problem solving together. Who needs camping trips?
  • Gives them some responsibility.
  • Helps you

If you include your nearest and dearest in this process they are more likely to uphold the new system going forward, particularly kids.

Allocate them a specific task or bring them on board for the whole project, but give them some ownership of the project.


The benefits of Decluttering are huge; see

But to reap the benefits you need to be fairly ruthless.

The Decluttering won’t work properly unless you truly commit to doing it properly. So make your mind set is adjusted accordingly.

Remember from a spiritual perspective, if you hold onto the old, you will never make way for the new.

How to Declutter your Kitchen

Step 1 – Empty the kitchen

Literally remove everything and place in another room. This way you start with a blank canvas.

 Step 2 – Thoroughly clean

  • Inside cupboards, drawers (hoover out debris), behind and under fridges.
  • Clean windows
  • Clean Floors
  • Clean light fittings
  • Clean on top of cupboards

Step 3 – Declutter

Remember every item must have a home therefore Declutter in priority order.

I recommend the following order:

  1. Cutlery
  2. Plates, side plates, bowls
  3. Glasses and Mugs
  4. Saucepans
  5. Cooking Utensils
  6. Food items
  7. Gadget

Only keep the items you realistically need or use.

If you are a family of four for example, you don’t need 15 saucepans, 53 coffee mugs and 20 cake tins!

Work out realistically what you need plus a buffer for say dinner parties (can be stored elsewhere also) and get rid of the rest.

I recommend using your best stuff, otherwise what’s the point? Get the enjoyment from nice things (may be not with kids).

So starting with cutlery: Declutter and then place back into the kitchen.

Next move onto the plates: Declutter and then place back into the kitchen.

And so on.

The items you don’t want can be put into piles for:

  1. Charity
  2. Give Away
  3. Tip
  4. Sell

As for gadgets, only keep gadgets actively used.

If you haven’t used a gadget in the past year then dispose of it.

If you find this too difficult then put into May Be Box and store elsewhere.

Return to that box at a later date (6 months) and if the items contained have not been used then dispose of them.

Step 4 – Put Back

As stated above, the put back of items needs to be done as per the priority list of:

  1. Cutlery
  2. Plates, side plates, bowls
  3. Glasses and Mugs
  4. Saucepans
  5. Cooking Utensils
  6. Food items
  7. Gadget

There are four big Put Back Rules:

Assessment – Before starting the “Put Back” stand in the kitchen and analyse where is best to store items. Remember those items that you regularly use need to be accessible.

Work Tops – Do not use kitchen work top as a home. The number 1 way for a kitchen to become cluttered is via the work tops. The work tops are a functional space for food preparation and may be house a few smaller electronical items. But that’s it! The smaller the kitchen, the more temptation there is to use work tops for storage. Don’t. It will make your kitchen look even more small and cluttered.

Items on Display – If you absolutely have to store items outside of the cupboard space due to space restrictions then be savvy about it. Display the pretty stuff. Hide the functional and ugly.

Food Items – When placing back food items ensure they are stored in the higher cupboards (to deter mice) and everything else in the lower cupboards.


Step 5 – Alternative Storage

 If during the Put Back stage, storage space is an issue, you may want to consider using:

  1. Spice Rack on the Wall
  2. Shelves on the Wall
  3. Hanging Saucepan Rack
  4. Cupboard Shelves Insert (sit upon shelf to provide another layer)
  5. Hanging Rail for kitchen utensils

Step 6 – Get Rid Pile

Go back to the four piles of stuff you intend to get rid of:  charity, give away, rubbish and sell and action accordingly.

Good Luck!



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