Declutter Lesson Number 1 is the Five Minute Rule.

It’s so super easy and so effective you can’t not do it.

As with most of the Decluttering projects you will need a clip board, paper and pen.

How to do it?

Go around the house and compile a list of the niggly little decluttering jobs that need to be done that don’t involve going out of the house.

For example – sorting through old keys, collecting coins and putting them into one place, sorting through DVDs etc. etc.

Every time you have a spare 5 minutes do one of the jobs or start to do it. The Five Minute Rule.

I do this if I’m waiting for my food to cook or between adverts.

It’s so simple and super effective and I’ve got so much done already.

Other Uses

I also use the Five Minute Rule to assess if I should carry out a chore now or put it off until later. The rule is if I can do it within 5 minutes I do it there and then.

For example, emptying the dish washer, taking the rubbish out.

So as soon as I notice a chore that needs to be done, I ask myself, will this take less than 5 minutes? If yes I have to do it. If no it waits.

Sounds obvious, but it’s helped me immensely.

Start today Delcutterers!

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