Health Foods Full of Cr&p!I’ve taken 3 foods that the average shopper assumes are healthy: Coconut Milk, Granola and Dark Chocolate and reviewed the contents.

From my quick (unplanned) tour round my supermarket here is what I found:

In summary:

  • Canned Coconut Milk – Can’t recommend one. All full of rubbish
  • Granola – Can’t recommend one. Shocked by the amount of sugar in 3 out of the 4 which contained twice as much sugar than a can of coke.
  • Dark Chocolate – Can’t recommend one. 3 out of the 4 have huge amounts of sugar, the other one is extremely high in saturated fat.

Read on for the in-depth review.

Canned Coconut Milk – 400ml Cans

Brand 1 – 75pNamed Brand


Coconut extract content is only 55%. The remainder is literally full of rubbish. E number after E number after E Number. Shocking

Brand 2 – 95p – Named Brand


Coconut extract content is 75%. Contain Emulsifiers (keeps the product ingredients mixed together) and Stabilisers (thickener).

Brand 3 – £1.30 – Supermarket Brand


Coconut extract is 75%. Contains Emulsifiers, Stabilisers and Sulphites (preservatives).

Conclusion – I can’t recommend any of the ones I looked at.

The clue should probably be that it’s in a can, but I’m still shocked. I will either make my own with desiccated coconut and water (another blog post) or buy from local health food store going forward.

Granola – per 100g

Brand 1 – £4 for 450g – “Healthy” Brand 1



5.3g saturated fat, 58g carbohydrate of which 21g sugar

Brand 2 – £ 3.70 for 500g – “Healthy” Brand 2


1.2g saturated fat, 24.4g carbohydrate of which 5.6g is sugar

Brand 3 – £2.60 for 500g – Supermarket Brand


5.6g saturated fat, 59.6g carbohydrate of which 20.3g is sugar

Brand 4 – £ 3 for 750g– Industry leading brand


4.4 g saturated fat, 64.2g carbohydrate of which 28.5g is sugar

This was the most shocking. An average can of coke has half the sugar content (9g) than most of these granolas.

Conclusion –make my own or buy Brand 2 which is Rude Health.

I already make my own granola and will continue to do so based on the above. It’s much cheaper, really simple and tastes nicer. It’s worrying that the industry leading brand is the unhealthiest.

Dark Chocolate – above 80% Cocoa- per 100g

Brand 1 – £1.40 per bar (100g) – Supermarket Own – 85%

547 kcals, 25.3g saturated fat, 26.9g sugar

Brand 2 – £ 2 per bar (100g) – Leading Organic Brand – 85%

IMG_20160831_152539_edit 630 kcals, 32g saturated fat, 13.5g sugar

Brand 3 – £ 3 per bar (75g) – Fair Trade Brand – 80%


587 kcals, 21.3g saturated fat, 18.7g sugar

Brand 4 – £2 per bar (100g) – Leading Brand – 90%


592 kcals, 30g saturated fat, 7g sugar

Conclusion – make my own.

As per above with homemade granola, it’s cheaper, simple and tastier to make my own. Again it’s worrying that the leading brand contains 30g of saturated fat per bar.

To be clear, I didn’t plan which foods to check, I did this on the spur of the moment after looking for coconut milk. I’m scared to think about the contents of items such as cereal bars, non-dairy milk and “Free From” products.

Scary stuff. Will this persuade you to read the food label going forward?



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