In this blog post: 10 Best Ways To Learn To Love Yourself Post Festivities, I’m going to provide you with super powerful tips to help you lighten your mood.

Because, generally, the biggest obstacle in our way is us and the biggest critic is ourselves.

We don’t realise how powerful our negative thoughts and the things that we say to ourselves are.

But they are.

They are soooooo powerful.

Thankfully times are changing and I’m thrilled to see that so many people are taking the time out to look after themselves mentally, physically and spiritually.

I’ve personally found from my Coaching Practice that the period post-Christmas tends to exaggerate self-loathing more than any other time. You’ve over indulged at Christmas, ate too much, drank too much, not exercised and now the New Year is here and you feel sh*t.

So, this got me to thinking about how I personally keep myself upbeat during this period and I thought I would share these tips with you now.

So, here are my 10 Best Ways To Learn To Love Yourself Post Festivities:

  1. Firstly, cut yourself some slack. So what if you’ve spent December partying and over indulging? Stop filling your brain with guilty thoughts; they’re literally a waste of time and energy. Instead focus on what you can positively do now to affect your life.
  2. Exercise. My personal belief is that a break from exercise does wonders for the body, so firstly, don’t fret about your lack of exercise over the festive period, it’s probably done you good. As soon as you can though, get back on the wagon and start to exercise again. It will make you feel amazing.
  3. Be healthy. Make a conscious effort to be healthy 90% of the time and you will feel so much better about yourself. It’s a fairly simple formula: Eat healthy + drink lots of water + quality sleep + plenty of fresh air every day = feel good.
  4. Mirror Work. Love and accept yourself exactly how you are and your body will love you back. A really powerful exercise is to stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself how much you love you! It sounds ridiculous but it really works. It takes 30 seconds to do and can create massive shifts emotionally. Research Louise Hay and Robert Holden for practical tips on how to do this properly.
  5. Look after your mind. Take time out to look after your mind through meditation. In as little as 10 minutes a day you can change your life with this practise. Meditation is the process of emptying your mind of thoughts thereby rejuvenating mind, body and soul. It can have wonderful effect on stress levels, happiness, immunity, concentration, mood regulation, depression, energy levels and general alertness.
  6. Inner Critic – Our inner thoughts are the biggest self-sabotage weapon and most of the time we don’t realise we are thinking them. Our thoughts create our future, so it’s so important to make them as positive as you can. This is not as easy as it sounds, but as soon as you catch yourself thinking critically about yourself; stop the thought and immediately replace with a positive affirmation about how wonderful you are.
  7. Self-Care & Me Time – You need to look after you. As kids our parents ensured we were looked after. When we become adults, self-care normally moves down our priority list. I tell my Clients, if they are not looking after themselves, they will not perform well in the various areas of their life and ultimately not be happy. Self-care means getting quality sleep, resting when tired, taking a long bath, getting a massage or peace and quiet etc. etc. etc.
  8. Diary – Write at night before you go to bed. Note down how much exercise you did, what you ate, the good things that happened and how you felt. This has a double effect of tracking what you have done and therefore motivating you to do more of the good stuff. Also dumping your thoughts into a diary will put things into better perspective and help clear your mind.
  9. Affirmations & Gratitude – In as little as 5 minutes a day, positively affirming what you want in your life and being grateful for what you currently have can have phenomenal effect. Sit somewhere quiet and either think or say out loud what you are grateful for and positively affirm the changes you want to make in your life. The affirmations needs to be done in the present tense as if you have already achieved. Do this for 30 days and I can guarantee you will feel so much better about yourself.
  10. Write a list of your positive points – Grab a coffee, curl up on the sofa and write a list of your positive points and specifically what you love about your body. This is such an uplifting exercise. Even better, message your friends and family and ask them what your positive points are. Trust me, your will feel amazing after.

I hope this help you!



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