I’ve got my 10 Tips for Coping with Christmas After a Break Up because let’s face it, for some of you, the thought of Christmas and New Year will fill you with dread because of a recent break up.

As I covered in my previous post How to Avoid Spending Christmas with your Family it’s a time when expectations are super high, nostalgia is through the roof and if you’re feeling in anyway emotional, you’re probably going to suffer.

I’ve been there, as have countless of other people, so I thought it would be a good idea to share mine and the wisdom of others, to help you not only get through the festive period but to enjoy it.

Here goes:

  1. Book a Holiday

If funds will allow it, I believe one of the most enjoyable ways to spend Christmas after a break up is to go on holiday. Grab a friend, family member or even go on your own and travel to somewhere where you’ve always wanted to go.

Is this running away from it? Absolutely, and why not? Not being in your home country, (particularly somewhere hot) makes you forget its Christmas altogether which is exactly what you need.

If you’re single book a holiday through someone like:

Friendship Travel


Just You

  1. Surround Yourself with Good

 If a holiday is not possible then make sure you plan ahead and decide to be with the people who make you feel good. You know who they are. It’s likely they will ask you anyway, but if they don’t happen to mention it, be proactive and ask.

  1. Embrace It

 Ok, hear me out on this one, if you can’t get away, then why not throw yourself into the festive period? Treat yourself to all your favourite films, food and chocolate. Spend the time doing exactly what you want when you want. Plan a 3 day self-indulgent extravaganza.

  1. Volunteer

Don’t allow yourself to revel in self-pity over the Christmas period, by helping those people who are in a less fortunate position than yourself. I found this Huffington Post article the best one for ideas on where to volunteer in the UK.

  1. House Sit / Animal Sit

 Lots of people go away over the Christmas and New Year period and need someone to look after their home, pets or both. Visit the one of the various house-sitting providers websites to get approved and get yourself somewhere new for Christmas.

Remember some of these opportunities are good money earners also.



Instant Happiness

  1. Declutter and Feng Shui

I know I sound like a broken record where decluttering is concerned but it truly is LIFE CHANGING!! Instead of moping around, why don’t you use the Christmas period to declutter your home and get rid of all the negative energy and invite new, prosperous energy into your home.

I’ve done lots of blog posts on this topic, but recommend you start with my blog on Bedroom Declutter or listen to the podcast I did with Feng Shui expert Alexandra Lees by clicking here. 

  1. Know Your Script

 I can guarantee at some point over the Christmas period you’re going to be asked “where is x” or be part of an awkward conversation about your new single status. So my advice is to get a pre-planned script in place that you can rabbit off without having to think about what you’re saying and avoid those awkward silences.

8.   Don’t Drink Too Much

 Easier said than done, I know, but try not to find the answers down bottles of wine. I’m not going to preach at you because I know you know why, but if there is a party or a social situation where you think there is a danger of you drinking too much then have a plan!! Drunk calling your ex is not a good idea and I can guarantee the hangover the next day will make you feel even worse.

Also, be prepared for the worst: have the perfect hangover smoothie ingredients in your fridge, stock up on Milk Thistle and have the box sets ready.

  1. Write

 Use the Xmas period to identify the positives about the break up, the positives about being single and then write a bullet point “shopping list” of the qualities you want your next partner to have and put in a letter to the universe.

  1. Plan 2019

 It’s likely you’re going to be off work, so fill the time with self-improvement exercises. Go and buy yourself a nice notebook and pen and use the time to set some goals for 2019. Why not sign up for my new on-line course where you can coach yourself from home: 5 Days To A Better You!

I hope this helped you.



Instant Happiness




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