We owe it to ourselves to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Life can be tough BUT it’s how you chose to respond to the sh*t that matters.

As a Life Coach, my number one priority is to help my Client to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

It never ceases to surprise me, how amazing it is to watch a Client morph into the super awesome human they were always destined to be.

As I’ve said many times before, even when you going through a bad patch, if you can try to make yourself feel good, then more good things will happen and when good things happen you attract more good things and so on.

The end of the year presents the perfect opportunity for you to start working on yourself and in my next two blog posts, I’m going to provide 20 Ultimate Tips on How to Become the Best Version of You.

I’ve done LOTS of research on this topic and spoken to LOTS of EXPERTS so it’s good stuff.

Oh and if you scroll to the end, you can access my free video on confidence building also!

So, grab yourself a pen, a notebook and get ready to be inspired.

Here are my Top 20 Tips for Becoming the Best Version of Yourself.

In no particular order:

  1. Don’t Interrupt

How to be best version of yourself

It’s a problem of epidemic proportions, the incessant need for people to interrupt and finish other people’s sentences.

It drives me crazy and the worrying thing is, it’s something I tend to do……..

So, not interrupting is a skill I’m going to personally perfect in 2019 and I invite you to do the same.

I’m not sure how you do it, I guess it’s as simple as letting the other person finish what their saying before you feel the need to speak.

Keep you posted on this one.

  1. Will This Matter a Year from Now?

An absolute corker of a self-improvement tip: when faced with something upsetting STOP in that moment and ask yourself the question “will it matter a year from now?”.

It has a remarkable sobering effect of instantly bringing the issue you’re facing into perspective.

  1. Accept Life Isn’t Always Fair

How to be best version of yourself

 I’m all about positive thinking and positive attitude, life is definitely what you make it BUT it’s unrealistic to think life is always going to be good. In fact, it’s childish to think that way. Aside from the bad times doing you good (another blog post), life is a series of ups and downs and sometimes those downs won’t seem fair at all.

But if you surrender to the fact that life isn’t always going to be fair; it takes away the sting when s*it does happen and stops the self-pity which is a really destructive trait.

There is something liberating about accepting that life will throw curve balls that we don’t always need to catch.

  1. Don’t Say Anything You Wouldn’t Want Someone Else to Repeat

Toxic Friends

 It’s one of my most important life’s philosophies; before I say anything, anything at all, I make sure it’s something that I don’t mind being repeated to someone else.

It’s as simple as that but super effective.

Try to do the same. It will ensure your integrity.

  1. You’re Never Going to Get Everything Done

How to be best version of yourself

Many people spend their lives in a constant state of “achieving” and getting things done. They believe once they get through their To Do List their life will be calm and happy but in reality, this rarely happens.

I’m all for achieving, organising and making things happen, however, I made peace a long time ago with the fact that I’m always going to have stuff to do! My to Do List will keep evolving.

Let go of the need to get everything done, accept there is always going to be something you need achieve and life will be a whole lot happier.

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  1. Don’t Be So Serious

How to be best version of yourself

 Life has a way of delivering things differently to our expectations and leaving us frustrated. It’s important that when this happens you don’t take things too seriously and that you learn to lighten up a wee bit.

Otherwise you will end up being too uptight.

And the key to this is to try to have zero expectations about anything.

This takes some practise btw, but it’s a brilliant if you can do it.

For example, try spending a day purposely not expecting people to be friendly; so, when they’re not, you won’t be bothered.

When you approach life like this you will be amazed at how smoothly life will run.

  1. Don’t Criticise

How to be best version of yourself

Have you ever noticed how you feel after you’ve criticised somebody? I’m going to hazard a guess of not good. I appreciate life is not perfect and of course we will have a moan about others, it’s part of our genetic make-up and some people deserve to be moaned about BUT it’s important to stop it from being a default setting of yours.

All that criticising does, is highlight the need for you to feel the need to criticise…….

Read that powerful statement again.

  1. Get a Makeover

How to be best version of yourself

 I don’t care what anyone says, personal appearance is important, particularly in the professional work place, so it’s important that every so often you check in with a personal stylist or friends to ensure that you’re presenting yourself to the best of your ability.

It doesn’t have to be dramatic either; even changing the colour of your lip stick can have a massive effect. It’s so easy to become stuck in a rut style wise that it can hit you unawares, but it’s even easier to get out of it and to make yourself feel good along the way.

  1. Stop Trying to Impress People

How to be best version of yourself

It’s boring and quite frankly people will laugh at you behind your back.

The most impressive people I know, are those people who embrace who they are, what they are and where they are in life without the need to caveat or explain. To me this shows incredible strength of character.

As opposed to the person who incessantly feels the need to drop into conversation how much they earn or how important they are…..

Try to touch base with your humility and don’t brag

It will get you a long way.

  1. Love Your Home

21 Ultimate Declutter Tricks To Ensure You Succeed:

 I’ve written about this so many times because it’s so important!! Make your home your castle and it will become your sanctuary.

I don’t care if you live in council flat or massive mansion, just make sure you fill it with the things that you love and that it’s clean and tidy. Trust me you will reap the benefits.

If you’re not someone who is naturally gifted with decoration then ask a friend to help you.  If you don’t know where to start, then again ask someone to help you. I

If you’re looking for inspiration then read Marie Kondo’s books – Life Changing Magic of Tidying or go to my online store where shortly I will be selling my Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Decluttering your Home (audio and written versions).


Remember the famous quote from Lao Tzu:

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.”

 Good luck and watch out for part 2 of this blog.



Watch my FREE video on how to build confidence. 






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