In this blog post – How To Set Realistic Yet Powerful Goals with Carole Ann Rice, I bring you the key highlights of the interview I did with Carole Ann Rice of the Real Coaching Company for the podcast back in 2017.

In this blog post I’ve cut out all of the fluff and bring to you the key highlights of the interview and more importantly Carol’s advice on how to set goals that you’re going to achieve!

I open the blog post where Carol is saying that New Year resolutions don’t work and how to set real goals.

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People are fixated on New Year’s resolutions as in they kickstart their new regime in January. And for various reasons, we both know often by mid-January, end of January, those intentions to change have died off and often the “New Year’s Resolutions” have fallen away.

What you’re actually saying is, goals can be set at any time in the year, it doesn’t really matter when, it’s how it’s how you do them.

Carole Ann Rice

Make sure that they’re realistic.

You can’t say I’m going to write a book in two weeks. It’s not going to happen. Instead say I’ll give myself a year and commit to an hour a day of writing and that could done on the commute in the morning or evening.

Make the task doable and achievable.

If you set the bar too high, as you say, you’re going to give up.

So, given that January, February are the coldest, most inhospitable months, they’re probably not the best time to start on new goals.

Maybe January / February time is the time to plan and think, what do I need to get in place to start whatever it is I want to do next?

And landmark the year ahead as to when you want to have achieved certain things by.

For example, by March, I’d like to have lost at least three pounds. But making sure that you’re setting yourself up to succeed rather than punishing yourself.

No, I’m going to go on a smoothie diet for a whole month because it’s not going to work!

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So, what you’re saying is, the setting of goals, doesn’t have to revolve around New Year. And for ultimate success a goal has to be realistic and achievable.

Carole Ann Rice

Definitely, and also you want to really want it. If you really want it and the goal is compelling, you’re more likely to put the effort in to get to it. Just because someone else wants you to give up smoking, but if you don’t want too. It’s not going to happen.

It just makes you feel bad about yourself, so don’t do it!

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So, to be clear, for guaranteed success when making goals, what do we need to do practically?

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Carole Ann Rice

They’ve got to be compelling, they’ve got to be realistic, and you’ve got to really want it, and you’ve got to give yourself plenty of time to do it.

And also, don’t expect overnight results.

If you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, it’s not going to happen quickly. But if you lose a little bit and often, it will go.

So, steps in right direction will get you there, but you have to be patient.

We live in a society where we want instant results. If you want to have sustainable change, you need to take time and be consistent. A little bit often will get you there, but harsh measures and punishing gym programmes are not sustainable because you’re just going to think I don’t want to go to the gym now it’s too painful.

But if you decide, an extra 20 minutes walking a day or to take the stairs instead of the escalator, you will lose weight.

Did you know that they make more money on gym memberships from the people that don’t go to the gym than the people who do?

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I like what you’re saying it’s common sense.

You’re saying you’ve got to be realistic.

If you’re setting goals, you’ve got to be patient.

But you’ve got to put in the effort as well.

Carole Ann Rice

Plus, it’s entirely okay to stop and to recalibrate and reset the goal along the way.

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Do you think it’s good if the listeners decide to set goals with friends? So, they’ve got motivation to do it together.

Carole Ann Rice

Being accountable and sharing your wins and your losses can keep you on track. I think that really is helpful because this is why organisations such as Weight Watchers work.  We all know how to count calories, but by going to Weight Watchers, you’re getting support, you’re getting accountability.

That’s what helps you to stick (to a goal) knowing that someone’s on side with you and checking up on you.

Otherwise you just think oh, I won’t go.

Prosperity Kitchen

 It’s about that accountability.

The end of the key highlights of How To Set Realistic Yet Powerful Goals with Carole Ann Rice.

Check out my summary below.

Summary of the Interview – How To Set Realistic Yet Powerful Goals with Carole Ann Rice.

How To Set Realistic Yet Powerful Goals with Carole Ann Rice

  1. Don’t be rigid in thinking goals need to be set in the New Year. Goals can be set at any time.
  2. It’s the “how” you set your goals that’s important, not the when.
  3. Make sure they’re realistic goals. Carole Ann gave the example of not setting a goal to write a book in two weeks because it’s not going to happen.
  4. Set your goals to ensure success not failure.
  5. Make sure you really want to achieve the goal. Don’t set a goal because you think you have too or someone else wants you to achieve it.
  6. Set a loose timeline to achieve certain milestones of the goal.
  7. Be patience. Success doesn’t happen over night.
  8. You need to understand that any goal worth achieving is going to require effort.
  9. Get an accountability buddy – you’re more likely to succeed.
  10. Goals can be recalibrated along the way.


I hope you found this blog post helpful and interesting.

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