Welcome to Personal Development Plan – Clarity, which forms stage 2 of your Personal Development Plan called ACE – Analysis, Clarity and Empowerment.

As a reminder, there have been two former blog posts on this topic already and if you haven’t already done so please stop reading and go back and read:

1. Introduction to Personal Development Plan.
2. Personal Development Plan – The Analysis.

If you’ve read them, awesome! You’re now ready to rock and roll onto stage two which is Clarity.

Clarity Overview


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So far, you’ve analysed yourself from a number of different directions.

And what should have happened is there should have been some light bulb moments, light bulb moments that are going to help you formulate some goals.

Now in the Clarity section, we take those light bulb moments and formulate not only your goals, but the support going to need achieve your goals, the obstacles you’re likely to face, establish how you’re going to stay motivated and also the routine that you’re going to need to support you in achieving your goals.

And that’s it!

Simple hey?

There is one rule for this section though: KEEP IT SIMPLE.

If this is the first time you’ve attempted anything like this, then my advice is to only work on one goal at first and see how you get on. If you’ve done stuff like this before then great, but still keep it simple. Focus on a maximum of 3 to 5 goals and see how you get on.

If the Analysis section has given you so much inspiration that you can formulate 50 goals, I still strongly advise you prioritise your top 3 and take it from there.

Are you ready?

Let’s formulate your goals.




Personal Development Plan – Clarity


So, it could be that when you analysed yourself, you realised that you need to lose weight perhaps, or you need to end a relationship, or you need to make more friendships or you need to move house or whatever it may have been.

Each one of those realisation could be a goal.

Now, at this stage I would like to stress again that it doesn’t matter about the number of goals you formulate.

It could be that you only have one goal.

It could be you have 20.

Ideally, it’s between one and three, maximum five, but use your common sense.

Assume every light bulb moment from the Analysis section forms a goal, but you decide on the number of goals.




Personal Development Plan – Clarity


Then by each goal, think about the support that you’re going to need to achieve that goal. For example, say your goal is to losing weight, then the support you may need to lose weight could be your husband or wife, you need them on board to know that you’re on this weight loss journey.

It could be a personal training instructor.

It could be your boss at work because you need to explain that you’re going to be going to the gym at lunch.

It could be a dietitian and nutritionist.

It could be a coach.

So, identify those people that you need to consult or notify to help you achieve that goal.

TIP: Consult an expert in what you’re doing or someone who has done it before successfully.



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Then what I want you to do is write down the obstacles.

So, you’ve got your goal.

You know who you need to consult to help achieve that goal.

Now I want you to write down all of those obstacles that are going to get in your way of achieving that goal.

Let’s take the weight loss example again.

What are the things that are likely to get in the way of you losing weight?

1. Going out at the weekend with your mates drinking may sabotage the weight loss.
2. Not getting up to go to the gym or not going to the gym after work.
3. Not having the energy to lose the weight.
4. Binge eating on the wrong foods.
5. Lack of motivation

Next to each obstacle, write down how you’re going to overcome it.

TIP: if you’re stuck on this, ask a friend to help you.




Personal Development Plan – Clarity


What’s going to keep you motivated to achieve your goal.

Again, if it’s a weight loss goal, what could keep you motivated is planning a holiday and buying that new bikini.

It could be creating a Pinterest board of the new clothes you’re going to buy / wear when you’ve lost weight.

It could be promising yourself a treat like a spa day for example.

It could be that you’re simply going to think about how you’re going to feel when you’ve lost lots of weight.

Actually, a really good tip for weight loss is to think about how you felt before when you lost the weight.

So, list all of those things that you know will motivate you to achieve your goal.

TIP: A really good motivator is to write down the answer to:  “what are the consequences of me NOT achieving this goal?” OR “what are the consequences if I ACHIEVE this goal?”




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Those of you who follow my work will know that I’m literally obsessed with routines! Why? Because a routine is the key to goal achievement / success. Probably the most important thing you can do to achieve a goal is to formulate a routine that’s going to support you achieving it.

In this section, I would like you to think about a routine that is going to support your goal achieving journey. It can be as micro or macro as you want. For me personally, I like to have things mapped out. So, I have certain time slots in the day, normally hourly.

So for weight loss again a simple routine could be Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, I go to the gym, that could be your routine. As simple as that.

Or it could be more detailed such as: I wake up at 6 am, I go to the gym at 6.30 am. I have my breakfast at 8 am. I will go for a walk during my lunch break Monday to Thursday for 30 minutes. I will go to bed at 10 PM.

Map out an average week with time slots that are going to support you in achieving your goal.


Clarity Summary


Now for every other goal you’ve formulated, go through each section of the above and repeat.

Physically write out every goal, the support, the obstacle, the motivation tactic and the routine and voila, you’re ready to start on the final section of ACE – EMPOWERMENT.

Empowerment will be available for you next month.




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