Welcome to Personal Development Plan – Empowerment, the last tutorial in the creation of your ACE Personal Development Plan.

If you haven’t already done so, you need to go back and read the former blog posts in this series, you can’t attempt Empowerment without having done the previous stages of ACE.

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  1. Personal Development Plan.
  2. Personal Development Plan – The Analysis.
  3. Personal Development Plan – Clarity.

Empowerment – Overview


Personal Development Plan – Empowerment.


The last stage of ACE is called Empowerment for a very, very, very good reason!

Because once you start on this part of the plan, you’re going to feel amazing, you’re going to feel so empowered, because in my experience as a coach, it doesn’t really matter how much planning you do, etc, etc unless there is action, actual movement towards the goal, then all the planning of your goal is irrelevant.

And this is what this section is, it’s about how it’s the action!

But more importantly it’s about the HOW.

Because the biggest obstacle for most people in achieving a goal is how to do it.

And this is what we’re going to cover in this section.

The Empowerment section is about breaking down the goals that you set in Clarity into micro goals.

So, let’s go.



Personal Development Plan – Empowerment.


 You may have one goal, you may have three goals or you may have five! Remember the quantity doesn’t matter, it’s the quality that counts.

The only thing I want you to do in this section is to prioritise which goal you’re going to tackle first because you’re going to tackle one goal at a time.

So, pick your first goal.




Personal Development Plan – Empowerment.


Then stage two is micro baby steps.

What I’d like you to do is take your goal and break it down into teeny weeny little steps.

Literally, the smaller the step, the better.

You can do this from beginning to end, or end to beginning, whatever works for you.

Let’s take the weight loss example to help you.

So, if you want to lose a stone, and you want to lose a stone in six months, what micro steps do you actually have to take to lose that weight?

Step One – Go and buy a calorie counter / fit bit / apple watch.

Step Two – Go out and buy new gym clothes.

Step Three – Go out and buy new trainers.

Step Four – Go out and buy a new sports bra.

Step Five – Go and buy a water bottle.

Step Six – Research local gyms on Google.

Step Seven – Visit local gyms.

Step Eight – Pick a gym.

Step Nine – Join a gym.

Step Ten – Google Personal Trainer

Step Eleven – Pick a Personal Trainer.

Step Twelve – Book first session and agree / start fitness program.

Step Thirteen – Google nutritionist.

Step Fourteen – Pick a nutritionist.

Step Fifteen – Book consultation and action recommendations.

Step Sixteen – Go to the gym 5 number of times per week.

Step Seventeen – Make healthy meals for the week on a Sunday.

Step Eighteen – Take stairs at work going forward not stairs.

 Step Nineteen – Walk at least 10,000 steps per day additional to going to the gym.

Step Twenty – etc etc etc

So, the above is just an example of micro steps, but if you’re still not sure what you’re doing, then you may need to read between the lines a little bit.

Ask for help.

Ask a friend.

If you can afford it go and and consult a coach like me. We’re professionals at getting you from A to Z powerfully, properly and if appropriate, quickly.

Then you repeat the above for you other steps.

TIP: – Don’t attempt to action another goal until you’re comfortably along the way with your first goal.

TIP TIP: – Next to each Micro Step you may wish to allocate a date to have completed that step.


Personal Development Plan – Empowerment.

 And that’s it!

You’re now set to start actioning your goals and changing your life.

It really is as simple as that.

You’ve done your analysis and come up with lots of ideas for goals.

You’ve done your clarity search and set your goals.

You’ve completed Empowerment and know how to action your goals.




Remember remember remember don’t let any gaps in your knowledge stop you.

Ask for help and PERSEVERE.

If you have an off day don’t worry, just start again the next day.

The key is to keep moving forward, even if it’s only inch by inch, just keep moving.

Good Luck!

Personal Development Plan – Empowerment.


Gemma McCraeGemma is a leading Life Coach & Business Coach, Award Winning Podcaster and the owner of Prosperity Kitchen. Regularly featured in the national press, Gemma is one of the “go to” people on Life Coaching & Business Coaching. Gemma counts VIPs, High Net Worth Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Career Professionals, Stay at Home Parents and all manner of other amazing people as her clients.She specialises in Personal Development, Career Coaching, Employee Coaching, Executive Coaching, Confidence, Motivation, Health and Small Business Coaching




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