Welcome to Why You Need A Personal Development Plan!

A Personal Development Plan can literally change your life.

It completely changed mine.

I’ve been a Life Coach now for a number of years and I have done hundreds and hundreds of hours of research on all the methods out there “to be” the best version of yourself.

I’ve also realised how many people are suffering from personal development exhaustion!

So many of you have come to me after reading every single personal development book and trying every single self-improvement method, and you’re exhausted.

So, I’ve developed a genius Personal Development Plan called ACE which I personally think is the most effective plan out there.

The beauty of ACE is that it’s so, so simple, yet so effective.

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It’s the plan that I use on myself and I have attracted millions of things because of it. And it’s a plan that I use on my life coaching clients and all of them have had complete success also.

So, it works. It works, it works, it works. And it’s simple. It’s simple, it’s simple.

ACS is broken down into three parts: Analysis, Clarity, and Empowerment and over the next four blog posts, I’m going to guide you through each stage step by step.

This blog post forms the introduction of ACE and Personal Development Planning generally, and the next blog post will look at the first stage of ACE which is the Analysis. And then the next blog will look at the second stage, which is the Clarity, and then the final blog post will look at Empowerment.


What is a Personal Development Plan?


Personal Development Plan - Introduction


So Personal Development Planning is not new.

It’s been around for years and years and years. So, I’m not reinventing the wheel, but what I have done, is strip back personal development planning to its essentials, to make it really easy to implement yet really, really powerful.

And I kid you not, through doing this ACE programme myself, and I’ve been doing it consistently for about seven or eight years now, I’ve literally moved mountains and achieved loads.

And everything I’ve achieved is because of the work I’ve done. And it’s all been done through this programme.

Very simply a Personal Development Plan is a plan that sets out your goals and how you’re going to achieve them.


Stage 1 ACE – The Analysis


Why You Need A Personal Development Plan!


The first stage of Ace is called The Analysis.

The Analysis is a health check of your life as it is right now.

The analysis section is where we literally investigate you from back to front, from left right, and inside, to out.

Through a set of exercises that I have, you will thoroughly investigate who you are, and where you are, and why.

The exercises identify where you’re not succeeding in life and more importantly, where you need or want to succeed.

Because what often happens in life is that we ignore the obvious, we’re so blinkered by day to day living, we can lose sight of actually what we need to do to improve ourselves.

Stage 2 ACE – Clarity


Why You Need A Personal Development Plan!


The second stage of ACE is called Clarity.

The Clarity stage is where we get a magnifying glass and go back through the analysis section to formulate your goals.

What’s different about the goal setting in the Clarity stage of ACE is that I weed out all the unnecessary goals and bring you only those goals that are actually going to change your life and those goals that you can actually achieve.

And we do that by looking at the obstacles you may face, the support structure that you will need and creating a routine to support you in achieving your goals.

Stage 3 ACE – Empowerment


Personal Development Plan - Empowerment


The final section is Empowerment.

Empowerment is where we action your goals.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but the empowerment section in ACE is so powerful, because unlike other goal setting programmes, what we will actually do is break those goals down into micro steps.

So literally, we will map out from start to end, how you can PRACTICALLY achieve your goals.

Because what I’ve found out through coaching lots of clients, is that we’re capable of achieving anything, but it’s the “how” that gets in our way. Not knowing what to do. It can literally sabotage any goal achievement success.

Empowerment smashes through the “how” barrier.

The Next Steps

Go out and buy a nice new notepad and pen and then start the program next month.

I will release Analysis on the 1st April.

I will release Clarity on 1st May.

I will release Empowerment on the 1st June.

Remember this is a program client’s pay me good money to for and it’s a personal development programme I personally use myself time and time again.

It’s powerful and it’s effective.

Want more personal development stuff?

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