“Me Time”, is so so so important and one of my favourite “me time” rituals is to read magazines. I love them!

But have you seen the costs of magazines lately? Particularly the glossy ones? A lot. Often over £4 for one.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about spending money on the things that bring joy, but there was something about spending over £15 on magazines that wasn’t sitting well with me.

So after research I stumbled upon an App called Readily and its frikkin AMAZING.

To be clear, I’m not fan of subscribing to things, nor am I affiliated with Readily (btw), but this is a No Brainer if you buy more than 2 magazines per month.

For £7.99 per month you get access to the best magazines in the market (over 1500) ranging from glossy, weekly, home interior, health, cooking, men’s magazines, design, sports, hobbies, kids, I could go on and on. And even better, the £7.99 subscription gives access to 5 electronical devices!

It’s electronical only (which you get used to and in fact I now prefer) and the magazines can be downloaded so can be viewed online or off line. Plus the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

So in summary:

  1. £7.99 per month unlimited access to over 1,500 magazines
  2. Subscription can be cancelled at anytime
  3. Magazine can be read on or off-line
  4. Subscription can be shared on up to 5 devices (so £7.99 can be shared)
  5. No waste ( great for declutter)
  6. Try before you buy with 2 days free access



Ps. the word magazines originates from the Arabic word “makhazin” meaning storehouse.

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