Welcome to the blog post: 20 Signs That You Need To Change Your Life.

I’ve identified 20 Signs that indicate you may need to change your life.

Signs are listed in no particular order.

You may associate with one or you may associate with them all.

BUT the important thing is to analyse how often you are having these feelings?

If you recognise only one sign but are feeling it every day; it’s a sure sign that you may need to change your life.

Make sense?

Read on:

20 Signs that you need to change your life 

  1. People are irritating you
  2. You feel lethargic most of the time
  3. Not feeling at peace. You keep complaining
  4. Feeling jealous of other people.
  5. You can’t remember when you last felt happy
  6. Over weight / under weight
  7. House is messy
  8. Live for the weekends OR hate the weekends.
  9. Avoid seeing friends
  10. Feeling stressed or depressed
  11. Not sleeping
  12. Frequently lose temper / feel angry all the time
  13. Smoke / alcohol dependant / take drugs / over eat
  14. Dread work / dread going home
  15. Unhappy in your relationship
  16. Gossip a lot or tend to run people down
  17. Find it really hard to get out of bed / unenthusiastic about facing the day ahead
  18. Often ill
  19. Attracting lots of bad luck
  20. Falling out with people

What can you do?

Honestly, if you want to change your life, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get a Life Coach.

But if you don’t want to get a Coach, I recommend carrying out the simple exercise below to help you.

Draw a table with four headings:

Want & Have Have & Don’t Want Don’t Have & Want Don’t Have & Don’t Want

Go somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed and fill out the table.

You may have twenty items in one column and only two in the other columns.

Don’t worry about that.

Just fill out the table honestly.

To explain the headings:

Want & Have: What do you have in your life that you like / love? For example: kids, your home, your parents, your job promotion, your car.

Have & Don’t Want: Include everything here! You hate your job, nasty neighbour, fat tummy, commute to work. Think about the things in your life that make you angry / sad.

Don’t Have & Want: What are your goals? Push yourself but keep it realistic. For example: lose 1 stone, find a husband, make an extra £1 k per month

Don’t Have & Don’t Want: Think along the lines of: serious illness, be homeless, bad debt.

Now it’s time to get some clarity and formulate some Goals.


Take a new piece of paper and write “Your Name” Goals at the top of the page.

Now we will create your goals by looking at the columns: Have & Don’t Want and Don’t Have & Want.

Your goals are written in the present tense.

Have & Don’t Want

If for example you put:

“I don’t want to commute to work for two hours each day.”

Goal Number 1 will be:

“I work locally and I walk to work every day.”


If you put:

“I have no “me time” anymore.”

Your Goal will be

“I have 1 hour of Me Time every day.”

Work your way through your Have & Don’t Want converting every single item into a positive goal.

Your Have & Don’t Want column will now be empty.

Don’t Have & Want

Take all of your and Don’t Have & Want and turn them into goals.

For example:

“Earn an extra £1k per month.”

The goal will be:

“I’ve got a new job and my basic salary is £70K per annum.”


“I have created a second income stream that brings me an additional £1 K per month.”

Goal Priority

Next stage is too:

  1. Prioritise the order of your goals.
  2. Take the top three goals
  3. Take each goal and think about the end result. For example: finding a husband.
  4. Working backwards from the marriage ceremony, what steps would you have taken to get there? Can be big or small steps up to you. For example:
  • planned the wedding
  • engagement
  • proposal
  • lived together – in harmony, I was tidy, helped with the cooking
  • successfully courted – only accepted dates after 3 clear days notice, didn’t chase, kept busy with a hobby,
  • met each other – Internet dating / friends of friends introduced / join a sports club / go out with friends / change jobs
  • had a make over
  • make myself happy – exercise, new clothes, learned something new
  1. Make the last step (make myself happy) your first action. Make the second to last step your second action. So on and so on.
  2. Do the same for the other two goals.


Finally, take the column Don’t Have & Don’t Want.

Turn each item from that column into a positive statement.

For example:

“I don’t want to be homeless.”


“I’m so grateful for my home.”

As much as possible, keep repeating to yourself what you are grateful for and feel it as you say it.

Life instantly becomes better when you feel gratitude for what you have in your life. Life instantly becomes better when you appreciate where you are currently in your life.

As I say to all my Clients; it’s your life and only you can change it.

I hope this has helped you.



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