Below are my 21 Ultimate Declutter Tips that are going to ensure you declutter with success!

As a former professional declutter I know the tips and tricks that are going to help you get through the decluttering process.

Follow these and YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

Read on to find out more:

  • Before embarking on a declutter, have a plan! Pioritise which rooms need to be done first and agree with yourself a timescale for getting the declutter done.
  • Decluttering is tiring. Rewarding, but tiring, so make sure you plan properly before embarking on a declutter. Either take a day off or do it on the weekends and start early in the morning when your energy levels are high!
  • If you’re not motivated to declutter then try and get some moral support (and practical help) from family or friends. They can be brilliant for tip and charity shop runs or to help move furniture around.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate equipment to carry out the declutter: step ladders, dusters, polish, window cleaner, bin bags (good quality ones), tip pass, opening hours of the charity shops.
  • Decluttering Rule 101. Every object in your home needs to have a home. If an item has a specific home, you will more than likely place it back where it belongs keeping everything neat and tidy going forward.

20 Ultimate Declutter Tricks To Ensure You Succeed:

  •  Try to involve your children when decluttering. it’s a brilliant way to teach them how to be tidy and a life skill that they will fall back on for the rest of their lives. Allocate specific tasks to them or bring them on board for the whole project, but give them some ownership of the project. If you really want to push the envelope, give your kids the task of doing the decluttering project for you, subject to understanding your wants and needs. At the end, take a photo of the finished project and put it on the fridge as a reminder to what they’ve all achieved.
  • Before you declutter a room, my advice is to work out if this just a pure declutter or are you willing to decorate / spruce up the room with new furniture? If you’re new to this, then don’t lose focus of the main objective which is to declutter.  However, if you’re more experienced or think you are ready to tackle a declutter and redecoration then please go for it.
  • Before embarking on a declutter / decoration, I advise you get inspiration from magazines and Pinterest. It really helps to get your appetite revved up and gives you the motivation to start.
  • Before buying new pieces of furniture, think about upcycling what you’ve already got. It’s amazing what a lick of new paint and new handles can do for a piece of furniture you were going to get rid of. Plus think about the money you will save.
  • The golden rule is once you’ve started decluttering a room, DO NOT move onto the next room until the original room is finished. Even if you’re waiting for furniture to be delivered for the original room.

20 Ultimate Declutter Tricks To Ensure You Succeed:

  • Don’t stop decluttering a room half way through and abandon ship! Trust me you will feel rubbish every time you go into that room in the future. If you’ve got fatigue, stop for a few days or get someone to help you. But get back on the wagon and finish it!
  • With the above in mind, it’s best not to let a declutter linger for too long. Take a break if you need as I said, but get straight back onto it within a few days otherwise there is a danger of losing momentum.
  • Allocate a room as your “dumping ground”. This is another room you identify prior to the declutter to move items temporarily into whilst the room is being decluttered. If you’re home isn’t big enough to accommodate this then don’t worry, work with what you have and improvise.
  • Be ruthless with yourself when decluttering. The golden rule is if you don’t love something or use it then GET RID OF IT.
  • Dealing with valuable items you don’t want anymore can be tricky. You may have items that you don’t like, but feel that you can’t dispose of them because they are either valuable or were given to you as a gift. My first piece of advice is that under no circumstances do you keep something you don’t like. It needs to go. But it’s what you do with it that’s the important thing. As always, common sense prevails here and where value is concerned, it depends how valuable the value is! If you think there could be a lot of value, then it’s worth getting the item professionally valued before deciding strategy. However, if you roughly know the value and you don’t believe it’s worth a fortune, but worth something, it’s a case of either selling it, giving it to someone appropriate or perhaps storing it.

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  • I would only advise you store something if it’s particularly valuable or if you think it’s something you may want to use in the future. Try not to make a habit of storing items. If the item is an heirloom that’s not worth much, then in the first instance you may wish to ask another member of your family if they wish to have i
  • Dealing with gifts you don’t like is similar to the above: if you don’t like something, regardless of it being a gift, it has to go! Life is too short to keep hold of items you don’t like. However, I concede, an unwanted gift is a tricky area and it really depends on who has given you the gift, how often you see them and how often they give you unwanted gifts!! Let’s tackle the last one first, where someone keeps giving you gifts you don’t like, then you have to bite the bullet and politely let them know that as much as you appreciate their kind gesture, you would rather pick your own ornaments, paintings, pictures. If you receive a one off unwanted gift from someone you don’t see very often, then it’s easy, get rid of it! If you receive a gift from someone you see regularly then it’s a case of either telling them the truth, storing the gift in the loft for a while and then disposing of it or pretending to have broken it. I believe in honesty being the best policy, but obviously it depends on the person you’re dealing with.
  • I encourage you to understand the basics principles of Feng Shui before you embark on a declutter so that you know why it’s good to declutter. Simply do a google search or go to your local library and read up on what it is. It will definitely help you. The big motivator I like to publicise is by getting rid of the old you are making space for new prosperous energy to flow through. It’s as simple as that.
  • As soon as you have completed a declutter ACTION the piles in the DG that are to go to the tip, charity shop or giving away. DO NOT LET THEM LINGER.
  • The benefits of Decluttering are huge, but to reap them you need to be fairly ruthless. The Decluttering won’t work properly unless you truly commit to doing it properly. So, make sure your mind set is adjusted accordingly. Remember from a spiritual perspective, if you hold onto the old, you will never make way for the new.

20 Ultimate Declutter Tricks To Ensure You Succeed:


Top Tips Over!

Please bear in mind that the hardest part about decluttering is the start.

Once you begin the process, the results will quickly speak for themselves and give you all the motivation you need to complete your whole house.

Good luck!



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Ultimate Declutter GuideWhy not download my FREE Step by Step Guide to an Ultimate Declutter. I used to sell this Guide for £10 and I’m now giving it to you for FREE! Click here for acces


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