It is an inevitable fact of life that someday, your garage will be too cluttered to take more than 3 steps in. That’s a fact. We all accumulate “stuff” over time, and how much of it we don’t need or will never use again is astounding. Here’s a few clever ways to declutter your garage and take back your sanity!

Create Zones

One of the keys to good organisation is to group similar stuff with its friends. Tools with tools, toys with toys. So, on and so forth. Label it if you must, but the key action here is to create a base line of organisation. If you can turn your big pile of a garage into several smaller “organised” piles, then you are well on your way to regaining your sanity.

Get Real – Do You REALLY Need That Set of Busted Christmas Lights?

Perhaps the main reason that our garage gets so messy in the first place is because we have a fear of letting go. We often say to ourselves “I’ll definitely use that again” or “just in case!” We’re all guilty of it, and to an extent it’s something that we can learn to live with. Unfortunately, the habit here is that these “just-in-case” items tend to grow. And they don’t go. So, get real, get mean and let go of what you know you’ll never need again. Bonus tip: hire a skip and dump, dump, dump!

Make Use of Vertical Space

What does every garage have (at least) 4 of? Walls! While your floor takes up most of the space and is naturally the easiest spot to dump your garage goods, the walls can be very effective for certain types of storage. Whether it be shelves, store racks or wall hangers, there’s more you can do with that wall space. Now… if only we can fit more on the ceiling! You can find bunch of ideas on Pinterest.

Clean It Up

Give your garage that fresh “new garage smell” we’re all so envious of. You know the one. No, not spilled beer and oil stains! Once you’ve organised, decluttered or dumped your cluttered garage stuff, give it a good sweep, maybe a mop and a

dusting. Really make it feel like new again. In many ways, it’s the cherry on the top of a good spring clean.

Speaking of Cleaning, Don’t Forget Your Garage Door!

Experts at Evenglide Garage Doors, noted that a lot of people overlook the importance of cleaning the outside of the garage door when they set up on big spring cleaning ventures, with the focus being more centred on the inside of the garage. They state that cleaning your garage door (both interior and exterior) will greatly impact on the look of your house and not just the garage door, adding that by cleaning the garage door you will be presented with the chance to inspect and check if all the mechanisms are in top working order.

If All Else Fails… Get A Garden Shed!

And store some of your dodgy garage junk in there! At least until that overflows too.

Author bio:

Mary Ann is a business consultant and a DIY home improvement enthusiast from Brisbane, Australia. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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