If housework fills you with dread then I have a proven practical way that is going to help you get back on track.

Full disclosure, I’m a big advocate of paying for a cleaner.

A good cleaner is worth their weight in gold to keep your home clean and more importantly free up your time.

However, I understand that this is not a viable solution for everyone.

What concerns me though, is the amount of people who leave their housework until the weekend effectively sabotaging at least half of the weekend doing housework.

So I’ve come up with a full proof way to keep your home clean, that’s easily manageable and will free your weekends up for enjoying yourself not doing housework.

By adopting these three simple steps below, you will always have a clean home and find it fairly effortless.

The three steps are:

  1. Allocate 30 minutes Monday to Friday for housework.
  2. Always keep the kitchen clean.
  3. Allocate chores to your kids.

Clean One Room Every Day

I’m not sure how you spend your evenings or mornings, but I can guarantee you can find 30 mins somewhere to clean one if not two rooms.

If your organise yourself, focus and commit to doing a bit of housework every day during the working week, you will reclaim your weekends for fun.

It’s surprising how much housework you can achieve if you focus and throw yourself into it.

For example, decide that Monday will be bathrooms day. So every Monday regardless of how busy you are, you clean the bathrooms.

Tuesday is living room and dining room.

Wednesday is two bedrooms.

So on and so on.

I repeat, all you need to commit to is 30 minutes. It doesn’t sound very much but I can assure you it’s enough. If you can allocate an hour even better and you will achieve a huge amount.

The result being that come Friday, a majority of your home would have been cleaned. Leaving the weekend free for R&R.

The key here is to commit to the routine and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it becomes.

Clean The Kitchen As You Go Along

Every night after you’ve finished cooking, additional to cleaning the work surfaces, also wipe down the hob and oven and sweep the floor. Every few days, clean the floor.

By “staying on top” of your kitchen clean as and when you cook, you won’t be faced with a massive job of cleaning the kitchen, which can be particularly gruesome task if it piles up.

What I also recommend is that if you’ve got five minutes to spare whilst waiting for food to cook for example, then wipe down the cupboards or clean a shelf in the fridge.

It all makes a massive difference and will keep your kitchen clean.

Allocate Chores To Your Kids

I’ve worked with two clients recently, whereby giving their kids chores, they cut down their housework by half. This also gave their kids an opportunity to learn a life skill (cleaning) and also paid them pocket money.

Literally a win win win situation.

As parents, you are not doing your kids any favours by tidying up after them, particularly the boys!

Start them early and not only will this help going forward in their lives (I’m being serious), it teaches them responsibility and gives them an opportunity to learn about earning money from an early age.

Obviously the chores you give them need to be age appropriate, but I think you can probably start them off as early as 5 years old.

May be start with giving them responsibility to clean their bedrooms? Or may be they can be in charge of the vacuuming? Tidying up their play room and putting things back etc.

Wherever you decide is a good place to start, stress the importance of their chores to the running of the household and I can guarantee they will relish the responsibility.


At first, fitting in 30 mins of housework everyday may seem daunting additional to going to work, juggling kids and cooking meals.

I know and appreciate that.

But, if you organise yourself properly I promise this works like a dream. Commit to only a small 30 minutes a day, it will make a HUGE difference to your quality of life.

Dare I say it, why not forgo watching your TV or reduce your TV watching and allocate that time towards getting your house clean?

Imagine a weekend free for just pure enjoyment?

This is what 30 minutes a day can give you.




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