Compassion forms part of the Life Principal series because it’s so important.

It’s socially important.

The dictionary definition of Compassion is:

Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others”

I would also add “to have empathy” to make relevant to the less dramatic situations in life.

Compassion (and empathy) was one of the Values I worked on when I first used Life Coaching to help me a number of years ago.

My Coach used Compassion to help me flip my attitude towards somebody who I was struggling to like at work.

She was a lovely lady but for some reason I couldn’t help but be irritated by her.

I felt mean but I literally couldn’t help how I felt.

Until I studied the principals of Compassion and Empathy.


I’m not going to list the benefits of feeling compassion towards another (although there are many) because compassion should be a selfless act.

It’s always easier to walk on by, turn the other cheek, ignore the plight or slam the door in the face of those people or situations that don’t directly affect your life for example:

  • Homeless
  • Elderly
  • Refugees
  • Ex-Convicts
  • Someone you don’t like

But I truly believe we have a moral and social responsibility to try and understand life from the perspective of another and to have sympathy for what that person is going through and help them accordingly.

If you struggle with Compassion then work through the below to help you:

  1. How would you feel in their situation?
  2. Do they have a family? How would their mother or father feel about them now?
  3. What have they got to look forward too?
  4. Put yourself in their shoes, in their life. Now try to understand why they are acting this way.
  5. How are you making this person feel?
  6. What does this person need now?
  7. Does this person want to be in the situation where they are right now?
  8. What is this persons home life like?

Try to find compassion in all situations, but particularly in those every day situations where compassion can be over looked. Annoying work colleague anyone?

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”   – Dalai Lama





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