Consideration is to act in a manner that is pleasant towards another human being.

It’s to act so as to not inconvenience or harm another.

It’s to think about others.

Luckily I think most of people are considerate without needing to try.

But faced with the Christmas shopping panic recently, I’ve realised some people are not!

There is absolutely nothing that can be done about these people unfortunately, but it helps to highlight the importance of Consideration and how we can be more considerate in our daily lives.

Use this list as your reminder:

How to be considerate

  1. Be patient – wait your turn and give way to other drivers (for example).
  2. Thank you – two small words can make the world of difference. Use them!
  3. Help – lend a helping hand when unprompted.
  4. Be tactful – know what to say and when to say it without upsetting people.
  5. Sympathy for your surroundings – quiet your phone in the train carriage. Don’t talk in the cinema. Remove your screaming child from the restaurant!
  6. Someone else’s shoes – try to understand the situation from another’s perspective.
  7. Saying sorry – Admit your mistakes and apologise when needed.
  8. Good manners – Employ good manners and show respect to the people you are spending time with.
  9. Sharing – Sharing is caring as the saying goes. You don’t need to hoard, be kind and share the love.
  10. Be on time – Why is your time more important than someone else? Really why is it? Don’t be late.


“A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference” Eeyore



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