Welcome to my blog post: Declutter Your Bedroom – Declutter Lesson 11.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and therefore needs to be as “zen” as it can possibly be.

I personally always make sure my bedroom is one of the first rooms I decorate in a new home because it’s probably the most important one for me.

My bedroom is my private place and in particular for me, is a place of relaxation, where I can shut the door and go to relax in the peace and quiet of a beautifully decorated environment.

To deliver all of the above however, my bedroom has to be above anything else, clutter free, which can be tricky to achieve, particularly if you’re wardrobes are in your bedroom (as opposed to a dressing room), particularly if you have a tendency to not put clothes away and particularly if you share with someone who is messy!

To help you, below I give a few tips for keeping your bedroom as zen as you can and then I provide a step by step guide on how to declutter your bedroom.


Zen Bedroom Tips

  • There is psychology behind colours for bedrooms and it’s recommend you stick to green, pink, purple, lilac and blue. See these two articles from Elle Decor and BBC.
  • Be careful where you place mirrors in your bedroom……… if you follow feng shui principles, a mirror reflecting onto a bed promotes infidelity.
  • There is one ultimate tip for keeping a bedroom tidy: PUT EVERYTHING AWAY. It’s as simple as that. I know that I always hang up my clothes, put things back in drawers and remove cups etc. straight after use and my bedroom is always tidy. It takes seconds to hang clothes up, it’s a case of having the discipline of doing it. Blunt advice but effective!
  • If you’re sharing with someone who is messy then my top piece of advice (if you have the room) is to put their wardrobe into another room! If that’s not possible, then invest in mannequin to drape their clothes over or a trunk where they can dump their clothes to be put away later (although I don’t agree with this).
  • Always always always make your bed as soon as you get up. Literally when you get out of the bed; make it. Again, it takes seconds. I can’t get my head around people who don’t make their beds in the morning, I really can’t. Do you know what tone you are setting for the whole day if you leave your bed un-made?
  • Bedrooms are predominately designed for sleep and I advise you read an earlier blog post I did on the bedroom basics for sleep by clicking here. But the key pieces of advice are: no televisions, good quality mattress / bedding and decent black out blinds.

How To Declutter Your Bedroom 

Try and have a good declutter of your bedroom at least once every 6 months and follow my instructions below:

  1. Remove everything and place into another room. If you can move the furniture out even better.

Working with a blank canvas is always better than working with a room that’s full of furniture when decluttering. Why? Because as soon as you move out furniture, not only can you clean better, but you will also appreciate how much stuff you have! This will often encourage you to not put everything back, which obviously helps with the decluttering.

If you can’t remove bulky furniture then leave in situ. But what you can do is remove the contents of the bulky furniture into another room.

Warning: assess your energy levels carefully at this stage to establish if you will include a full wardrobe declutter as part of this. A wardrobe declutter in itself can be a mammoth task, hence why you may wish to carry it out at a separate time. So, if you’re going to include wardrobe declutter then remove all the contents of your wardrobe as well. If not leave your wardrobe contents in place.

If you decide to do a wardrobe declutter see my blog post on Wardrobe Declutter.

Place all your bedroom belongings neatly into another room. I stress neatly. This will make the put back a whole lot easier.

  1. Clean

Thoroughly clean your bedroom: wash the windows and throw the windows open to encourage lots of fresh air.

Clean windows, window frames, skirting boards, lights, inside furniture, behind furniture, underneath furniture, mirrors, picture frames. Everywhere.

Obviously, also clean the furniture if still in the bedroom.

  1. Sort your bedroom belongings into four piles

Go into the room where you’ve put all your bedroom belongings and ruthlessly go through them.

Obviously keep the things you use, that hold sentimental value or you simply LOVE. Place these items into their own pile away from everything else.

Now, get rid of everything else. As I said above, be ruthless.

Create three separate piles for the items that you are getting rid off: charity, give to a friend or trash / recycle.

Be strict with yourself. Until you get rid of the old, there will be no room to attract the new.

Ultimate Declutter GuideWhy not download my FREE Step by Step Guide to an Ultimate Declutter. Room by Room, I guide you step by step. Even better, I used to sell this Guide for £10 and I’m now giving it to you for FREE! Click here for access.

  1. Assess your bedroom

Now go back into your bedroom.

Establish where the “keep” pile stuff will live. Everything must have a proper home.

At this stage have a play around with your furniture to see if there is better lay-out for your bedroom. A change to the lay out can make a room feel like a brand-new place sometimes.

If you’ve got the time and budget, why not try wall papering your bedroom? Or giving it a new lick of paint?

  1. Clean your belongings and place back into the bedroom.

Go back to the keep pile and clean everything and place back into your bedroom.

Slowly does it. Take each item and try it out in different places before settling on its home.

Then start with the next item.

Complete by spraying room with your favourite scent or lighting a non toxic scented candle.

  1. Distribute the other 3 piles accordingly.

Now deal with the other three piles of stuff: charity, tip and give away, straight away. As in straight away. Otherwise these piles have a habit of hanging around for ages.

My overall advice for a bedroom, is to make it as alluring to you as you can.

As I said at the beginning, of all the rooms in your home, make your bedroom your private sanctuary providing you with peace, tranquility and relaxation.

I hope this helped you.



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Ultimate Declutter GuideWhy not download my FREE Step by Step Guide to an Ultimate Declutter. Room by Room, I guide you step by step. Even better, I used to sell this Guide for £10 and I’m now giving it to you for FREE! Click here for access.

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