Welcome to my blog post: Embarrassment Recovery Strategy.

I’ve had my fair share on embarrassing moments.

For example, during a recent meeting with a new client, I went to cross my leg and realised a pair of my knickers was hanging out of the bottom of my jean leg. I’m not sure how they got there because my jeans were skin tight so surely I should have felt them beforehand??

Anyway, they were there.

Now when I say “embarrassing moment” I need to clarify that it should have been an embarrassing moment, but due to my many many past experiences of embarrassing moments, I’ve become a pro at how to handle them when they arise.

So instead of flapping, I grabbed said knickers, made a joke and stuffed them into my bag and carried on with the meeting.

And that right there is the trick for recovery from an embarrassing moment:

Don’t make a big deal out of it.

Be it knickers hanging out of your jean leg, flies being undone, falling over, whatever it may be, the trick to the perfect recovery is to move swiftly on.

I learnt this lesson from studying men closely.

They handle embarrassment so much better than women because they (generally) don’t make a “big deal” of things. If they do something embarrassing, they may have a laugh and joke, but swiftly move on.



Composure regained pretty quickly.

Another classic example as to why the recovery from an embarrassing situation is the key.

I sent an e-mail slagging off my Client to my Client. In the depths of embarrassment post email, I made an already bad situation far far worse by emailing my Client numerous times and my bosses, numerous times, coming up with various (looking back ridiculous) excuses.

The sending of the original email was bad enough, but ironically it was the recovery of the situation that made the situation literally a million times worse.

So, the next time something embarrassing happens to you, If appropriate acknowledge what’s happened with humour (sometimes it’s better not to acknowledge what’s happened at all) and then move on.

Don’t refer to it again.

Don’t make a big deal out of it.

Trust me. I’ve been making embarrassing mistakes for years and know what I’m talking about!

I hope this helps.

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