The buzzword of 2016 seems to be Decluttering and for good reason.

Quite simply, it’s one of the most therapeutic activities you can do.

Decluttering can shift your life. Literally.

The Decluttering of one cupboard, one room or even better your entire home will start a domino effect of good things.

Remember how amazing you feel after a thoroughly good clean of your home?

Well, exaggerate by hundred and this is how amazing Decluttering feel.

What is classed as clutter?

Clutter is:

  1. Possessions that no longer serve a purpose.
  2. Possessions that are no longer used.
  3. Possessions stored in an untidy state.

Why Declutter?

On a practical level Decluttering:

  • Frees up valuable space
  • Makes your home look bigger
  • Will make your belongings easier to find.
  • Makes your home easier to clean and
  • Identifies belongings that can potentially be sold or given away.

On a soul level, Decluttering:

  • Creates an environment of peace and tranquillity, which in turn helps create a mind of clarity, peace and tranquillity. They say your home is a direct reflection of your mind; I believe this works the other way round too and that your mind is a direct reflection of your home.
  • Motivates the desire to self-care by creating a relaxing and calm environment making you more inclined to relax and meditate for example.
  • Helps you move forward and cuts the ties of your past. May be you still have belongings from an ex or a deceased love. By removing these items from your home you’re clearly signifying to yourself and to the universe that it’s time maybe not to forget, but to move on.
  • Generates feelings of gratitude and love by remembering your past. Decluttering can stimulate the fantastic memories you’ve maybe forgotten, appreciate the experiences you’ve had and the people you’ve spent time with. It can make you pick up an old hobby or connect with an old friend for example.
  • Reduces stress by making your belongings easy to find. It will save you time also.
  • Removes the feeling of guilt caused by the need to Declutter because it’s done!
  • Positively affects other areas of your life by providing the catalyst for change. You’ve had the courage to declutter and cleanse your home, what’s next for you?
  • Makes you feel good. Decluttering not only brings a sense of achievement, it’s also seriously good exercise (a vigorous Declutter can burn over 500 kcals) causing the secretion of feel good endorphins into your brain and nervous system.

The hard part of Decluttering is the starting.

Once you begin the process, the results will quickly speak for themselves and give you all the motivation you need to complete your whole house.




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