Welcome to my blog post How To Make Extra Money.

People come for Coaching because they want to change their lives.

However, one of the biggest obstacles is always money.

As a Coach, firstly I need to stress that if it’s only your finances holding you back, then this is one of the easiest obstacles to overcome!

However, I’m aware how stressed people become over money.

With this in mind, are you aware that there are lots of ways to make additional money without resorting to a paper round?

Perhaps you want an additional income stream? Maybe you need to pay off a debt? Maybe you want a holiday fund? Or maybe you want to go self-employed but need some kind of steady income flow?

There are so many ways to make additional income that I’ve had to split this blog post into three parts!

This is Part 1.

Here we go How To Make Extra Money:

Virtual Assistant

If you’ve got a phone & computer this is a good one.

A Virtual Assistant is secretarial support remotely.

Expect to get paid up to £25 per hour.

Services vary, but generally include answering phones, e-mail management, diary management and typing.

Work can be done in the evenings and weekends, not necessarily during the work week.

You don’t need to mess around setting up a company or building a website (although this is more lucrative)

Simply register with an agency (a few suggestions below) and away you go.







For more information on being a VA read this article:


Proof Reading

If you can read you can do this job.

As the title suggests you get paid for proof reading documents which is to:

  • Check the documents make sense
  • Check for spelling errors and
  • Depending on your level of expertise; check the grammar & rewrite suggestions

There are various qualification levels for proof reading; some require that you just be able to read, whilst other require a more formal qualification.

You can earn up to £25 per hour.

Read this article from a working mum’s forum about a lady who took a qualification in proof reading:


There are also various agencies you can register with or you can go freelance and register on:






This is where you are sent electronic voice recordings and type up the contents.

Average pay is £15 per hour.

Agencies links below.






Write Articles

This is a brilliant one for the creatives out there.

Get paid for writing articles on anything you fancy.

You can earn on average £40 per article. If you are an expert in a particular area you can be paid far more.

This really can be lucrative if you get it right but the content has to be original and not reproduced anywhere else.

Good websites are:

Online Surveys

Get paid to fill out on-line surveys. Research companies are always on the hunt for paid volunteers.

Easy work and quick.

You make anything from 50p to £3 per survey.

Companies are:

Website Testing

Lots and lots of opportunities here.

Normally takes about 20 to 30 minutes maximum to test a website and you earn approximately £10 per test.

Look at the following:






A concept whereby businesses post small tasks that they need doing quickly.

Jobs vary from data entry, surveys, proof reading, web research, editing, text creation.

Fairly low paid I think, but may suit some because the jobs are small and can be diverse.


Listen to Music

If you like listening to music then this is for you.

American based, so you will be paid in $ and you can earn up to £50 per month.

You review the music of unsigned bands and musical artists and get paid for it!

It can take time to build up your reputation, but if enjoy music and invest the time, you will build up a good track record and make more money.

Go to https://www.slicethepie.com

Mystery Shopping

Ok so not necessarily a home-based job, but if you enjoy shopping or assessing things, this could be perfect for you.

Firstly, try a new mobile phone App called Roamler. It pays you in cash for completing tasks in your area. Mixed reviews as to payment levels, I think it depends on the area you live. If there are lots of Roamlers already, your earnings will not be as high.

Mystery Shopping used to be a big business, but I believe the days of earning big money have gone. However, there are still paid jobs or the more common type of payment is you will get a budget to spend in store and be allowed to keep it.

Be careful though, many fake companies out there so do your due diligence!

Companies of note are:

  • Market Force
  • Field Agent
  • GfK
  • GBW
  • Retail Maxim
  • Grassroots
  • Tern
  • The Mystery Dining Company

Read Adverts

Download the free smart phone app called Qustodian.

It pays you to read adverts on your mobile. They will send you adverts that match your profile and you get paid when you view messages, respond to questions or watch videos.

Payment is made directly into your bank or via paypal.

Fairly easy to do.

 I hope this was helpful, if you enjoyed How To Make Extra Money, then please read:

How To Earn Extra Money Part 2.

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