Welcome to my blog post, How To Make Extra Money Part 2.

This is Part 2 of my 3-part series on how to make additional money.

This week we cover a more diverse range of money making ideas.



A genuine “work from home” company.

It has good reviews and offers the potential to earn a good side income.

Lionsbridge is a web company who are actively recruiting UK Ad Assessors.

You get paid for helping companies improve their SEO by checking search results, collecting data and testing Apps.

The job is flexible allowing you to pick your own hours with a minimum of 10 hours and a maximum of 20 hours per week to research the internet for them.

The requirements are:

  • Lived in UK for 5 consecutive years
  • Fluent in English
  • Work from home
  • Have high speed internet connection (minimum of 1 mpbs).
  • PC with Windows 7,8 or 8.1 OR Apple OS.

Click here to find out more: http://www.thesmartcrowd.com/workers/job-opportunities/country/united-kingdom/#jobs-list


On-line Tutoring is all the rage and you don’t need formal PGCE Qualifications to do it.

Register with  https://www.udemy.com to create an online course (on virtually anything) and get paid.

It’s easy to do as long as you can create video content.

Or become a one on one Tutor and register with:





You can tutor on anything from english, maths to sewing.

My only comment here is be morally responsible.

There are vulnerable people out there, particularly foreign students so only Tutor in areas where you can add value

Average earnings £25 per hour upwards.

Rent A Friend

Set up to help people who are new to an area, you post your “friendship services” and get paid to be someone’s companion.

I would have been dubious about this had I not lived in Dubai where people find it hard to make friends and a service like this really helps!

If your sociable and like meeting people then this is for you.

Rates of pay vary from $10 to $50 per hour http://rentafriend.com/

Watch TV

If like watching the TV then this is for you!

A company called The Viewers provides market research on TV programs before they are finalised and broadcast.

You can carry out the research from home or you can attend research groups; or both.

Pay varies from ££50 to £70 for a research group and 50p per online survey.


Instant Happiness

If you’re enjoying How To Make Extra Money Part 2, why not download my FREE e-book on Instant Happiness by clicking here.

Sell Your Stuff

This is a double bonus: declutter the house PLUS get money for it!

Try places such as eBay, Facebook Market Place, Gum Tree, Pre Loved.

Click on Martin Lewis’s links below to get tips on how to maximise your earning potential though eBay and Facebook Market Place.



Once you’ve perfected the art of selling your own stuff, you can get serious and think about buying and reselling products from sites such as:




I’m told Aliexpress is the better site because they have a low minimum order quantity.

Follow a chap called Andrew Minalto for tips on selling on eBay: http://andrewminalto.com/

Cash Back Sites

If you shop on line it makes sense to join a cash back site.

It works by when searching for a product on line you get paid by purchasing through a cash back site.

The cash back sites gets paid for the lead information they provide to the retailers.

Big Do’s and Don’ts for this so read Martin Lewis’s article:


The best website to use seems to be Topcashback:


Cake Baking

A random suggestion I know, but the reason I’ve included it is because you can make really good money from doing this.

There is a cake revolution happening and everyone wants them.

Be it café owners, party planners or individuals; people are paying for good quality home-made cakes.

Set up a website or simply advertise locally and away you go!

In terms of money you can make £30 profit for a batch of 12 cupcakes and £40 profit from a 6” cake.

If you enjoy baking this is definitely for you.

On-Line Market Place

If you are good at making greeting cards or jewellery for example then lots of people are KILLING it on Etsy.

It’s a market place specifically for handmade, bespoke crafty items that are not mass produced.

Other market places such as Etsy are Bonanza and Ruby Lane.

Dog Walking

There has been a whopping 91% increase in dog ownership since 1965!

Dog walking, in fact anything around dogs is a lucrative business to go into.

Full time workers are desperate for dog walkers they can trust to go into their homes PLUS look after their bundle of fury joy.

Could this be you?

How about providing a doggy day care centre whereby the owners drop their dogs with you for the day?

So many opportunities here.

Dog walking can earn £10 to £15 per dog per hour in cash!

Obviously, you can walk more than one dog at a time make ££££.

Problem Solver

You can earn up to £5000 for a brilliant idea!

If you are analytical and good at solving problems then companies will pay BIG money for your problem-solving ideas.

Apply through:



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