My podcast has been named one of the Top 100 Podcasts by Huffpost and I’m over the moon!

Click the see a copy of the article here.

This blog post starts as being a PR article for my podcast (sorry but I have to plug it) but if you scroll mid-way down, I give you a demonstration of how the release of my Podcast highlights poignant Life Coaching Lessons.

Podcast PR

As many of my loyal subscribers know, my podcast is a labour of love which I do every week in an effort to give out free quality content to my listeners. My overall objective is for every podcast to deliver to my listeners content that otherwise they would have to pay for. It’s packed with amazing content for those people who want to be happier, healthier and more successful in both life and business. If you need some inspiration and motivation on all things to do with living a Prosperous Life my podcast is the one for you.

With celebrity interviews, expert interviews and advice segments there is everything you need to keep entertained for your week ahead. Topics will range from Happiness, Health, Relationships, Confidence, Natural Health, Nutrition, Life Style, Life Coaching, Parenting, Cooking, Decluttering, Organisation, Creativity, Mindfulness, Business Coaching, Productivity Hacks, Business Success, Entrepreneurship and Spirituality.

Just released onto iTunes (shortly SoundCloud and Stitcher), click on this link for direct access and click subscribe.

Life Coach Lesson

So why am I writing a blog post about this?

Well firstly I want to raise awareness about my podcast.

BUT I also want to use my podcast as an example of the Life Coaching process in action because to release my podcast I had to overcome three obstacles:

  1. I loathe the sound of my voice.
  2. I’m a perfectionist
  3. I’m absolutely rubbish with IT

These three things prior to my Life Coaching career would have definitely stopped me from releasing my podcast.

Yes, eventually I would have released it, but probably 5 years later because of my concerns over my voice (I would have had professional lessons), my perfectionism (over every aspect of the podcast) and the fact that anything to do with unknown IT brings out anxiety ( I would have paid huge amounts for someone to do for me).

But what Life Coaching has taught me is ACTION and kicking PROCRASTINATION in the ass!

Because although these three obstacles were valid, absolutely they were, deep deep deep down what they actually were are EXCUSES!

Lessons Learnt

Here is what I learnt:

  1. Loathing the sound of my own voice – I’ve learnt to love myself. This is a whole other blog post, in fact a series, but in summary, I now love who I am. Imperfections and all. I’m not going to lie, I still don’t particularly like my own voice, but it’s who I am and that’s that.
  2. Perfectionism – I’ve learnt to let go of perfectionism. I really have. There is definitely a fine line between beating perfectionism and quality control! You have to maintain standards for sure, but I don’t let little things stop me. For example, my constant use of the words “in a nutshell”, “love that” and “you’ve hit the nail on the head”, although they make me cringe when I say them, I still release the podcast. My interview technique definitely needs improvement, but I still release the podcast. I’ve learnt it’s ok to not be perfect.
  3. IT issues – My battle with IT continues to this day. My husband remains astounded by the damage I seem to be able to inflict on my innocent Mac Book and my ability to work myself up over the smallest IT glitch. However, I learnt a valuable Life Coaching and Life lesson here. Somethings should be left to the experts or LEARN about what you are not good at. It’s too detailed to go into in this blog post, but sometimes in life it’s best to step away. Admit defeat and either invest in yourself and try to learn about the topic OR if finances allow you, pay someone else to do it for you.

If I hadn’t chosen ACTION, then my podcast wouldn’t have been released, it’s wouldn’t be helping so many people and I wouldn’t have been named Top 100 New Podcasts 2017.

So lesson learnt is when faced with an obstacle, break down the steps needed to overcome that obstacle and TAKE ACTION.

I hope this helped.

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