Welcome to my blog post How To Make Extra Money Part 3.

This is part 3 of my 3-part series on how to make additional money.

Remember, this is a mini blog series giving you REALISTIC tips on how to make extra money from home.


Online Trading

This isn’t as complicated as it sounds and it’s fairly easy to do.

The best platforms are: Plus500 & eToro.com, but please do your own research also.

Both of these platforms offer practice accounts and Plus500 will give you a free £20 start up.

Out of them both, I understand eToro is the most popular and was featured on a BBC documentary called “Traders: Millions by the Minute” and it was also in the FT.

Child Minding

Obviously perfect if you’re a stay at home Mum or Dad. Why not make additional money to look after other children at the same time?

This requires a certain type of person with lots of energy and patience, plus you will need to go through the appropriate registration qualification which is with Ofsted.

See this article for more information, but on average Child Minder’s charge circa £5 per hour per child including meals.

Watch Videos

Yes, you’ve read that right! You get paid to watch videos.

Well, you get paid via high street vouchers for watching adverts through a company called Maximiles.

New adverts are posted daily and you provide feedback on the content.

Maximiles also provides vouchers for completing on-line surveys and polls.

Worth a try.

Cleaning & Ironing

Don’t roll your eyes.

This is a decent way to make extra cash, particularly if you clean commercial premises.

Yes, there are lots of cleaners out there, but most of them are not great.

If you provide a good service, word of mouth recommendations will flood in and you will be able to charge top dollar.

Slithers of Time

Not an income stream per se, but this flexible service, allows you to put your spare time onto their calendar (as and when you are free) and they match you with local businesses looking for part time or temporary workers.

See Sliversoftime.com

Rent Your Home

If you own a house, it’s likely you can make money from it by renting out drive way, spare room, storage space or the entire house for filming.

See Parklet to work out how much your driveway may be worth per month, On, average you can make up to £100 per month. If you’re in London for example, you can make much much more. Register with YourParkingSpace

For renting out a spare room, see Spare Room or Monday to Friday . You can literally make £ hundreds per month doing this and the first £7,500 is tax free.

For storage space, register with Store Mates and they estimate you can make approximately £600 per year from 20 sq ft of space.

Finally, you can rent out your home for filming, this can be really quite lucrative, as in £hundreds per day, sometimes £thousands. Register with My Your for the price of a coffee (their words) and it’s zero commission. You keep 100% of the earnings.

As with all my suggestions, also research yourself for alternative companies.

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Instant Happiness

Film Extra

I’ve heard mixed reviews from people who I know who do this, but it’s a legitimate way to earn extra cash and if you fancy yourself as a Kate Winslet, it gives you a chance to dip your toe into the thespian waters.

Earning average only £80 per day though.

See Be On Screen and 2020 Casting for more information.


Prepare homemade dishes for busy professionals and families and get paid handsomely for it.

Obviously, there are lots of fresh “homemade” food delivery services available, but they all cost a fortune and are operated by companies.

This is smaller in scale and simply involves you being paid by people locally to you to prepare dishes for them and deliver to their home.

If you bulk cook, you can be onto a lucrative side-line whilst feeding yourself and saving you time.

Advertise locally and on social media.

Sell Your Hair

Bear with me for this one. I couldn’t leave it out because it’s a fairly big money spinner.

Obviously, it’s not a regular income stream either BUT if you’re going to cut your hair you might as well get some money for it.

You can earn up to £200 for your hair with Bloomsbury Wigs or £3 per ounce with Banbury Postiche.

If you’re a hair dresser, it’s a no brainer to make additional money.

Derelict Property Reporting

If you spot a derelict property, log onto You Spot Property and earn £20 in Amazon or M&S vouchers. If the development company that runs the website goes on to purchase the property, you receive 1% of the purchase price.

This could result in £thousands!


If you register with Click Research you will receive lots of free products to trial (all safe) in exchange for feedback.

It’s hugely popular, so the trial places fill up quickly if you’re not on the ball.

Even if not selected for a trial you still earn Click Points which earns you money.

Worth a try.

Take a Note

Missed off Part 1 in this series, under Transcription.

Try Take Note, it pays £8 to £9 per hour to type up audio. All they require is that you have Microsoft Word, a C in English GCSE and can type 65 words per minute.

You Tube

The opportunities are limitless with You Tube.

Think of Howard Davies-Carr who innocently uploaded a video of his kids messing around and so far, it’s made him over £100k! See Charlie Bit My Finger.


A lady called Livie Rose who films make up tutorials on YouTube. She gave up going to university to concentrate on her YouTube channel because it’s making her £thousands per month.

You can make money by allowing advertising when you join the YouTube Partner Programme which is aimed at people who upload regularly.

Anyone can qualify to be a Partner as long as regular content is posted and is original.

Partners are earning on average more than £6k per year.

Obviously, it depends how popular your videos are, but if you get it right, you can earn a lot!

I hope this has helped you.

If you know of other ways to make money that I’ve missed please let me know!

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