Odds & Sods are items that linger around the home, normally non- intrusive, but that need to be dealt with.

They are clutter by stealth!

Examples of Odds & Sods

  1. Items that were expensive but no longer useable.
  2. Old electronical items.
  3. Keys.
  4. Coins
  5. Power cables & plugs
  6. Jewellery

Do any of these ring true for you?

How to Declutter Odds n Sods

Decluttering of the Odds n Sods is probably the easiest Decluttering task you can do and I think one of the most satisfying.

So there is no excuse!

I’ve taken each of the 6 items above and outlined what you need to do.

Expensive items that are no longer useable

For example, Ray Ban sunglasses that have lost an arm.

They cost you a fortune when purchased, but are beyond repair now. You are holding onto them because of their perceived monetary value even though they are useless.

I’m sorry, but they have to go! Throw them away! They are useless.

Unless an item can be converted into somethings else; for example an old champagne bottle into a lamp; ditch.

Gather up and take to the local dump or recycle.

Old electronical items

Old digital cameras, iPods, mobile phones, cd and DVD players.

Don’t hold onto any of them unless you actively use.

You have a few choices to dispose:

  • Sell newer models via a shop like CeX or via eBay or Gumtree
  • Give away to a friend or family or try give to a local charity gifting service like ilovefreegle or Freecycle.org.
  • Donate to charity. Lots of Charities will take old electronical items either via shops or via post.
  • Recycle at local tip


Gather all the keys in your home.

Split into three piles and do the following:

  • Keys you use or need: Label with key rings or stickers (in case you forget)
  • Keys you are not sure what they are for: Try them in all the locks you have (it doesn’t take as long as you think). If a key has no home then take it to be recycle at the local tip.
  • Old keys no longer needed. Take to be recycled at the local tip.

It’s tempting to keep old unidentified keys “just in case.”



There are three categories of coins: normal coins, out of date coins and foreign coins.

  • Normal Coins: Find all the stray coins (look under sofa cushions) and deposit into a central storage place (box, drawer or jar) and going forward whenever faced with a stray coin make the effort to pick it up and place in the money box! Every so often take the coins to the bank and enjoy a coffee from the proceeds OR donate to charity.
  • Out of date coins: Some banks will take. Various on line companies will buy or Charities like Oxfam will accept as donations.
  • Foreign Coins (current & old): Donate to charity: Alzheimer’s Society have a super easy system for taking foreign coins off you or sell them online via various sites.

Stray plugs and cables

The biggest culprit in our house! Gather them all up.

If you use create a central storage solution or store with the item they go with.

Consider labelling.

If you don’t know what they are for; try and work out. It shouldn’t take too much effort. If necessary ask someone! But again, don’t hold onto a cable “just in case.” If never used before, it’s unlikely you will need in the future.

If you don’t use recycle at local dump.


It goes without saying jewellery with sentimental value is not classed as an Odd or Sod. Keep them!

Gather everything up and sort through. Keep or Go.

There are loads of ways to dispose of old jewellery:

  • Sell – on Ebay, Gum Tree or take to a local jewellers / pawn brokers
  • Remodel expensive jewellery. If a piece has an expensive stone for example but you don’t like anymore take to a jewellers to remodel.
  • Donate to local Charity Shop.
  • Send to Charities. For example: Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons will accept most jewellery via post.
  • Donate to local “gifting” services who distribute to those in need: Freecycle.org OR ilovefreegle.org
  • Give Away to friends or relatives
  • Last resort – take to your local tip and be advised where to place.

If a category of Odds & Sods is not shown here, do the research as to how you can recycle or dispose. Google is a fountain of knowledge and I will be surprised if you can’t find ideas.

I advise tackling the Odds & Sods in one hit if you can. It’s easy to do and so effective.

You will feel cleansed!


Tackle one thing every week at least.

Good luck. Send me your feedback!



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