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Instant Happiness Fix sounds too good to be true right?

How can we summons Happiness on demand? Is there such thing as an Instant Happiness Fix?

Yes, there is.

If you listen to my podcast released yesterday, it’s all about Instant Happiness.

About how to flip the happiness switch.

The podcast takes you through five easy ways to improve your mood instantly and is based on my first book called Your Happiness Revolution: Instant Happiness Volume, which will be available for free on my website shortly.

This blog post outlines the first way to instant happiness.

We’ve all experienced the scenario when we’re having a bad day and some idiot says “smile”……….

However, (and I hate to say it), they are truly onto something.

The truth is, when you’re feeling unhappy, when you’re feeling angry, when you’re feeling frustrated, one of the most powerful things you can do to change how you feel is to smile.

Now, I’m with you if you’re thinking it won’t fix the problem. Full disclose it won’t. But I promise you it will make you feel better.


Scientists have known for a long time that changes in our emotions cause changes in our body. For example, if you feel happy, you will smile or maybe your heart rate will increase. But the same applies the other way around. Your brain will react to your body movements as a signal to create an emotion.

It’s called The Facial Feedback Hypothesis.

The most famous experimental confirmation of this Hypothesis came in 1988 from Strack, Martin and Stepper. They conducted an experiment on three groups of people who were told the experiment was for a different reason. Group 1 were given a pen to hold in their mouths in the “Lip Position” which resulted in a frown. Group 2 were given a pen to hold in their mouths in the “Teeth Position” which resulted in a smile. The Control Group were given a pen to hold in their non-dominant hand.

All three groups were firstly told to fill out a questionnaire and rate the difficulty involved. This was done to throw them off the scent of what the scientists wanted to find out. The real objective of the test, was to get all the participants of the test to rate the funniness of a cartoon they were subsequently shown. As was predicted, Group 2, the smile group, reported significantly higher amusement ratings than frown group. Further sophisticated tests have been done since and all of them have concluded the same:

Smiling results in higher amusement rates.

Feeling happier.

Want further proof?

Then look no further than Botox!

I need to stress that I’m not an advocate of Botox, however the scientific research surrounding its effect on human emotions can’t be disputed. University of Cardiff carried out research and scientifically proved that those people who’ve had Botox and find it hard to frown, are happier than those people who haven’t had Botox and can frown easily.

The research on this topic goes on and on, but in summary smiling is scientifically proven to make you feel happy.

So, my first Happiness Revolution tip for instant Happiness is to try and smile.

Whenever you can



For access to the podcast episode on Instant Happiness click here.

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“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”  –  Saint Mother Teresa

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