Welcome to my blog post The Top 5 Ways To Reinvent Yourself Now.

Recently I did talk for one of my corporate clients on how to be the best version of your business self that you can be and afterwards I was asked a question by a member of the audience and that was:

“What are your top tips for reinventing yourself personally and doing it quickly?”

There was a bit of sniggering around the audience, including myself until we all realised that this person looked genuinely upset and was obviously needing some reassurance. It turns out his marriage had recently ended after his wife had had an affair and basically, he was devastated.

So, I gave him some tips and I would like to share those same tips with you now.

There are The Top 5 Ways To Reinvent Yourself Now:

  1. Regular Exercise

Exercise to help stop worry

By this I mean, moving your body purposefully and actively at least 5 times per week. In my free e-book “Instant Happiness” I outline the reasons why exercise brings instant happiness, but for this blog post all you need to know is that aside from numerous health benefits, physical exercise will instantly make you feel better. Yes instantly. Now, if you persist with a regular physical exercise regime at least 5 times a week, it will improve your overall wellbeing, happiness levels and body confidence by a million %. Guaranteed.

  1. Meal Planning, Batch Cooking and Diet!

Don’t hit the snooze button this works! And yes, meal planning will change your life trust me. We often fall into the trap of eating poorly due to time constraints more than anything. Our busy lives lead us to making poor choices and filling our bodies with rubbish food and downward spiral continues from there. I advise all my clients to avoid this by finding 30 minutes per week, probably on a weekend, to sit down and plan healthy meals for the following week. This not only will ensure that the meals are nutritious, but it also saves them time and money by encouraging one weekly shop. Why do I say cook? Because many people don’t, convenience has taken over and we have become a society who buy jars and packaged food instead of cooking ourselves.

Our diet affects our health and overall mental wellbeing by a HUGE 80%, so if you’re needing to reinvent yourself, make sure your fuelling your body with good foods. The positive effects of eating healthy will be apparent within one week. Keep going and you will change your life.

Declutter Your Dining Room

  1. Be Grateful and Positive

Every morning or evening, sit and say out loud three things you’re grateful for and feel the gratitude. It can be small things or it can be big things, I don’t mind, but the key is to feel those feelings gratitude. By feeling gratitude, you almost instantly change your mindset into a positive and if you’re in a positive mind-set positive things will happen. Fact. Also, make a pledge to yourself to be more positive generally. However bad your day is going, reach for the positive. Smile and more importantly DO NOT MOAN about anything or anyone. This takes practise, but I can assure you after a week of doing this you will feel so much better about life. Keep it up and your life will change. There will be teething issues with this, but the trick is whenever you catch yourself moaning or about to moan, STOP and reframe your thought or what you were saying into something positive.

  1. Love Yourself & Self Improvement Plan

We are all busy busy busy and it plays absolute havoc on a physical and mental health, so much so that most of us don’t even realise. If you’re needing to reinvent yourself and quickly, then my advice is simple. Fall in love with yourself. Ask your 5 closest friends to list what they love about you, ask your family to tell you what they love about you, make a list of the things you love about yourself.

Also, take time out for YOU. Leave work by a set time every evening, take a lunch break and get away from your desk, plan pockets of relaxation time in your evenings or weekends, meditate, indulge yourself. Make plans to have no plans! Allow yourself one weekend of month where you have nothing to do but to do what you want.

Finally, work out where in your life you want to make progress or perhaps learn something new and do it! Find the expert in that area and pay them to help you improve yourself. Be it cooking, learning a new sport or writing a book.

How talking stops worry

  1. Get A Style Make-Over

My advice is grab a close friend or family member and ask their honest opinion on how you look and ask them to come shopping with you! Even better consult with a personal stylist who is a professional YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

Think hair, make-up and wardrobe, particularly wardrobe. Unless you’re a fashionista, I can guarantee your wardrobe choices have probably become stale, so going out with someone else and asking them to pick out clothes for you DOES make a huge difference.

If this sounds too much, then at the very least, go out and treat yourself to some new clothes, you will feel all the better for it.

I hope this helped you.

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