The decluttering of a hallway is often over looked.

I’ve lost count of the number of homes I visit, whereby the hallway is shabby, cluttered and used a storage area. Where the hallway is an afterthought room, if given any thought at all.

I want to scream, “overlook the importance of the hallway at your peril” because it’s one of the biggest opportunities in your home.

The hallway is the first room you will walk through every time you come into your home, therefore it’s in your best interest to ensure that it’s going to make you feel good.

Selling your house anytime soon? Then the presentation of your hallway can make or break a house sale.

Also, according to Feng shul principals, the hallway has particular significance compared to other rooms because it’s the entry point for positive energy flow. Therefore it needs to be clutter free to ensure the energy can pass through freely into the remainder of the house.

The good thing about a hall way declutter?

It’s a quick win and probably won’t take you too long to do.

So how can you ensure that your hallway is clutter free?

  1. Remove everything from your hallway into another room.
  2. Thoroughly clean the hall way and let some fresh air come through.
  3. Assess floor furniture to put back into the hall way. Here is a hint. NOT MUCH. Unless you have a massive hallway, there doesn’t need to be anything. Except may be decorative table with a lamp. May be a rug. Put back as little furniture as possible because you may need to house storage for coats and shoes.
  4. Wall Furniture – can make or break the decorative look of a hallway. Take your time deciding on what you will put on the walls. If what you currently have doesn’t make you feel good, then throw it out or give to charity and start again. If you need inspiration look on Pinterest for inspiration or interior design magazines. On a budget? Go to Ikea or E-bay to pick up wall hanging bargains.
  5. Try to find alternative storage solutions away from the hallway for coats and shoes. The first impressions you get from walking into a hallway stacked with coats is not good. Plus, hanging coats blocks out the light. If you have absolutely no alternative but to hang coats and store shoes in the hall way then see the below.
  6. Coats– Go through the coat pile. Firstly, assess which coats can be stored elsewhere because out of season. Then assess which coats can be given to charity / thrown out. Remember be ruthless with coats because they are bulky objects, the less you have the better! With the “keep” coat pile in mind, analyse where in the hallway they need to be stored? Ideally coats should be stored away, so in a cupboard. Buy a readymade storage solution or if you have tricky space ask a carpenter to build you something. If you can’t store coats away, then hang them. Decorative hooks with a boot bench below can look smart (if you have the room) or an old-fashioned coat stand. Spend the time researching the options and design ideas to get inspiration.
  7. Shoes – as per the coats. Store away the shoes that are out of season. Then assess which shoes can go and which shoes can stay. The ones that are to stay need to be cleaned thoroughly and as per the coats, ideally stored away. There are various storage solutions available for shoes but pick according to the period / decoration of your home. If for example you have a period home buy a wooden ottoman or if you have a modern home, Ikea have various shoe storage solutions.
  8. Nothing else needs to be stored in the hall way! Anything that is left over, needs to be thrown out / given to charity or is appropriate placed elsewhere in the house (but don’t move clutter from one room to another).
  9. Once the hall way is decluttered, you might wish to consider redecoration. Seeing the hall way decluttered, clean and tidy will probably give you the inspiration you need to redecorate. Again, look on places like Pinterest for design ideas or simply google “hall way interior decoration.”

Remember, the Feng shul principals place the importance of a hall way to be significant.

They believe positive energy flows in from the hall way into the rest of the home and therefore the hall ways needs to be clean, bright and clutter free.

So, what you waiting for? Begin!



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