In today’s blog post: Top 5 Happiness Tips from Positive Psychologists, i’m bringing you top happiness tips from the experts!

I’ve done a number of podcasts over the past year with Positive Psychologists and they have given me absolutely golden pieces of advice on how to thrive in life.  Positive Psychology btw is effectively the study of well-being and the ability to thrive. So, I thought in this blog post I would list the top 5 simple actions that the Positive Psychologists have recommended to help improve your wellbeing.

They are:

  1. Write A Letter of Gratitude

Benefits of a routine

Write a letter to someone you really want to thank, it can be for anything they’ve done for you. Either post the letter to that person or even better take the letter to that person and personally read the letter. It’s been proven by doing this exercise your level of happiness can increase by about 20% and can last for over one month!

  1. What Went Well?

Every evening, look back over your day and write out the three main things that went well and ask yourself why they went well?  What this does is promote those feel good happy hormones and also (may) identify specific people who’ve helped you which in turn promotes even more feel good happy feelings. Plus, who likes to go to bed feeling happy and satisfied and grateful? What do you think this does? Yes, it promotes good sleep!

  1. List Your Strengths


Take 30 minutes out and go somewhere quiet and relaxing and write out your list of strengths, what are you good at? Really think about this because we are often oblivious to our own strengths and when we identify them it can make us feel amazing. Sometimes also when we identify our strengths, we will feel inclined to use them more and guess what? Playing to your strengths makes us a stronger, better person and guess what that does? Yes – makes us happier!!

  1. Get in Touch with Your Core Values

Two Steps To Transform Your Life

I’ve done a blog post on this previously which you can read here, but in summary core values are what you are inherently, they are you. Some of us don’t know what core values are, but they are the most important thing you can know about yourself. When you know what your values are, decisions, particularly hard ones become easy to make. When you start using your values properly, you will find that they sandpaper effect of life, (where you feel uncomfortable about things because your acting outside of your values), will become less and less. Read a list of values here and identify 5 that resonate with you.

  1. The Book of You

To Do List

Buy a nice notebook and make a record of:

  • Your lifetime achievements.
  • Your strengths.
  • The good things people say about you.
  • Record of memories that make you smile.
  • The people you are grateful for and why.

When you feel down or upset, grab the book of you and read you way into happiness.

I hope this helped you.


ps – Listen to these podcasts on happiness.

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