My last post on this topic focused on the basics for helping you get to sleep.

This post and my next post, delve into the less obvious sleep remedies based on my experience of poor sleep.

Here we go in no particular order:

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Mine are shown below and cost £10.


They are glasses with an orange lens to filter out the artificial light from your digital devices.

The science being that the artificial light, inhibits the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you fall sleep.

After 8PM, I pop on my glasses if watching TV or using electronic devices and don’t take off until I go to bed.

I’ve been using for over 6 months now and they have defo made a difference to me.

Vitamin D Light

Mine shown below and cost £40.



I use mine every morning and I can confirm:

  • I sleep better
  • I have more energy

The theory behind the light is that if used first thing in the morning, it will inhibit the release of melatonin during the day, which in turn means increased energy and focus.

Thereby helping you feel more tired at night.

It works it works it works. Can’t recommend highly enough.

If you are a Shift Worker, these lights are amazing to help regulate your sleep patterns.

Evening Routine

Evening routine is vital.

Think of children, we give them a bed time routine to signify it’s time to sleep.

We should do the same to help prepare our body and minds.

It’s important to work out how many hours of quality sleep you need and work back from there.

An hour before this time (at least) prepare yourself for sleep: bath, warm shower, reading, meditating, stretching, night yoga, lavender oils, Chamomile tea or Valerian Tea.

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Get yourself an eye mask that isn’t bulky and a pair of ear plugs that fit properly in your ear (most of the ones I’ve tried pop out) and I promise you, you will sleep better.

By wearing an eye mask and putting in ear plugs (aside from the blocking out of light and sound) you are putting yourself into a cacoon of protection which I swear helps me sleep brilliantly.

Keep Hands & Feet Warm

Keep hands and feet warm (not hot) because it’s been scientifically proven to keep your body awake (if feet or hands are cold).

It’s a case of keeping your bedroom room cool (18 degrees) whilst keeping your body warm.

I’ve only discovered this recently, but it works.



Electronics are the EVIL of sleep.

Have you ever stayed somewhere where there was no TV? If you have, think back, I bet you slept better.

It depends how severe your sleep problem is, but I recommend turning off all electrical items at least two hours before you go to bed.

Read a book, have a relaxing bath, do a jigsaw puzzle or play cards instead.

Try to get out of the habit of stimulating your brain by looking at a screen.

It’s basically destroying your sleep.

If this is too big a step to take straight away then:

  • E-Books should be turned down to 0% brightness and read whilst wearing Blue Blocking Glasses.
  • Turn on the Night Shift Mode on your Apple Devices (I’m sure other devices come with this function also). This will change the colour of the screen to make it more yellow.
  • Remove TV from your bedroom otherwise you will be tempted to watch it!
  • Sleep with your mobile phone in a different room.
  • Turn electrical items to silent so they don’t disturb you in the night.
  • Wear Blue Glasses if looking at screens.
  • Turn off anything bright in your bedroom. Electronic clock for example.


So many reasons why exercise is good for helping you sleep, but the main reason, that’s curiously over looked, is because exercise will make your body tired.

Exercise physically wears you out making you fall into bed and sleep.

Think back to a time when you moved house or ran a marathon. I bet you slept well that night because you were knackered.

So my advice is move your body.

Decluttering is a brilliant one for making you tired.


If you are having problems sleeping at night, then stop napping in the day.

Keep yourself awake even if you feel exhausted.

Analyse why napping is needed and how frequently.

If you need a nap in day, it’s likely your fatigue is caused from dehydration, poor nutrition, lack of fresh air, lack of good sunlight or even poor posture? Investigate these areas first.

If fatigue sets in regardless, then I would urge you to get out in the fresh air first and take a brisk walk.

Or try meditating.

Both will work to refresh you

Don’t fall asleep on the sofa

It’s absolutely lethal for me to fall asleep in the evening before bed. If I fall asleep on the sofa and wake up, I won’t get any sleep that night.

So, I make sure I always go upstairs to bed when I’m starting to feel tired.

I suspect it’s the same for everyone.

Keep yourself awake until your head hits the pillow.



Hope this has helped you.

See the last blog post of this if you haven’t already

Sleep Problems? The Basic Remedies



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