The hotspot for even the most uncluttered person is the wardrobe.

As part of the Prosperity Kitchen Declutter Series, I will take you through a step by step guide to decluttering your wardrobe; along with the Do’s and Don’ts of Wardrobe management.

This blog post is written on the assumption of a pure “hanging” wardrobe declutter.

I’m not including shoes and folded items in this post.

So, how to declutter your wardrobe?

Step 1 – Agree a Time

Before you contemplate a Wardrobe Declutter decide when you are going to do it and how long it’s going to take to do it properly?

I’m a fan of decluttering in one big swoop; I find it more satisfying and easier to do.

However, decluttering a wardrobe can be stressful, so for some people I recommend doing it in bite sized chunks over one week. Allocate one hour per evening.

Make sure you allocate enough time to do the job properly.

Step 2 – Empty Wardrobe

Take everything out of wardrobe and lay into three neat piles on the bed.

Pile 1: Clothes you wear all the time

Pile 2: Clothes out of season

Pile 2: Clothes either not sure or don’t wear

Make sure wardrobe is empty.

Step 3 – Clean

Clean with an anti-bacterial spray.


I haven’t got a UV torch thing to identify bacteria; but if I did (I’m going to buy one) I’m convinced a wardrobe is a bacteria hotspot.

Leave the doors open to let fresh air into the space.

Step 4 – Clothes Analysis

This is where the hard work begins so I’m going to keep it very simple and easy for you.

Follow my rules:

  1. Decide in advance how you want to display your clothes: by item type or by colour or by outfits.
  2. Take Pile 1 and place the clothes back into the wardrobe as per the above.
  3. Take Pile 2 and place in clear storage bags and store elsewhere. Finish this before move on to next step.
  4. Take Pile 3 and go through each piece of clothing item by item and do the following:
  • Try all items on. Tedious but necessary.
  • As per Marie Kondo’s advice (it’s soooo true) if you don’t like a piece of clothing throw it out. By that I mean, if when you hold the item it doesn’t make you feel good – chuck it.
  • If a piece is too small or too big – throw it.
  • If you haven’t worn a piece for one year – throw it.
  • If a piece is sentimental but you won’t wear it again; if you must, store it or I recommend taking a photo and then throw it.
  • Place the clothes you are giving away / selling / trashing in three piles to take away.
  • Place clothes you are keeping back into wardrobe
  • Action the give-away / selling / trash pile NOW
  1. Declutter complete!

General Tips and Advice

  1. Buy matching coat hangers. The slimmer the better. Make sure hangers are robust, otherwise they bend. Amazon is a good place to look.
  2. When putting clothes back into wardrobe; hang the hangers all the same way. As you wear an item of clothing put the hanger back with the hanger facing the other way. You will then start to get a feel as to which clothes you wear and which you don’t.
  3. If you find decluttering a daunting task or you are not sure which clothes to keep; ask a good friend to help you.
  4. By “throw it” I mean either: charity, give to someone, sell or trash.
  5. Don’t hold onto items just because of their perceived high value i.e. they were expensive. If you are not going to wear them. Either sell or gift to someone.
  6. Listen to an audio book or music or have your favourite movie on in the background to make the declutter task more enjoyable.

Tips Post Declutter

  1. Monitor the coat hanger direction. If a coat hanger hasn’t moved then this is obviously a clear indicator that you are not wearing that item.
  2. Don’t buy clothes on an impulse. If you see something you like, go home and think about the purchase for 48 hours. If after 48 hours you still want it; go buy it. This stops those impulse purchases that you later regret.
  3. Try to plan outfits and buy items for an outfit as opposed to individual pieces. This ensures you use everything you buy.
  4. As far as possible, buy quality items as opposed to cheaper. You will gain more enjoyment from better quality clothes plus you will be more efficient because you will wear them more and buy less!
  5. Whenever you buy something new; get rid of something old. Keep the positive energy flowing into your wardrobe.
  6. Before you rush out to the shops to buy something new; take a good look on Pinterest to get ideas for outfits from your existing wardrobe.
  7. If you have a lot of clothes; take photos on your phone of your outfit choices so you know quickly what options you have OR use App like Wardrobe Plus to store your outfit photos. There are a handful to choose from on the App store.


I hope this has helped



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