Unbeknown to me, I started my vision board process when I was really young. I think many girls did actually. I was about 6 or 7 and my vision board was actually a box. I can’t remember where my vision box came from, but it was beautiful to me. It was flowery with two drawers and a large treasure chest section that opened from the top and into which I would regularly spray my mums perfume. Sorry mum.

In my vision box, I would keep magazine pictures, little trinkets, photos, secret notes, my best stationary (remember in the 1980’s when patterned writing paper was the trend?), scented pens, flowers, lotions, potions and basically anything girly or private! I loved my little ritual of collecting items to go into my vision box and I loved even more closing my bedroom door, turning on my Amstrad Hi-Fi and getting my Vision Box out and going through it.

This evolved as I got older of course, I kept my vision box until I was late teens and then I reverted to purely magazine cut outs. In my room at University I would adorn the walls with black & white Calvin Klein Ad’s, other cool magazine ads and photos. I also started to keep a scrap book containing newspaper or magazine photos of the houses that I loved.

Little did I realise that what I was actually doing was Vision Boarding.

Little did I realise how powerful it is.

Vison Board

I imagine many of you have heard of Mood Boards, Vision Boards, Scrap Books and Vison Boxes? But if you haven’t they were made famous around 2006/2007 by the release of the book and subsequently the film, The Secret.

The Secret as I’m sure many of you are aware is about the Law of Attraction. If this means nothing to you, then listen to the podcast I did with Taoist Monk David James by clicking here. In that podcast he explains exactly what The Law of Attraction is. But in a nutshell your thoughts, visions and more importantly how you feel are creating your future.

Now one of the strongest ways to get the universe to deliver to you what you want via Law of Attraction or Comic Ordering (same thing by a different name and was made famous by Barbra Mohr) is to visually signify want you want. Hence the power of a Vision Board etc.  This works by not only clearly outlining what you want to the Universe, but the process of collecting and displaying visions of what you want in your life makes you feel good.

Even if you’re a non-believer in the Law of Attraction, what’s the harm in doing this anyway?

The worst that can happen is you end up with a beautiful collage of pictures of things that make you feel good.

The best thing that can happen is that it actually works and draws those things to you…………

How To Create Your Vision Board 

  1. Pick Your Vision Vehicle

Firstly, decide how you would like to display your visions. I’ve mentioned Vision Board, but there are other options.

The options are:

Vision Board: Use either a large sheet of card or a pin board or a wall or a piece of wood or a large picture frame. Make it pretty and simple stick your pictures to your chosen board. Easy.

Pros:- If you’ve made your board look pretty it can be displayed somewhere prominent, therefore sending the universe and you clear signals every day as to the life you desire.

Cons: – Big to store and display. Is obviously on public display and can be more time consuming to maintain.

Vision Board

Vision Box: Buy yourself a pretty box (T K Maxx is good if in the UK and USA) and simply place all your pictures into the box as and when you collect them.

Pros:- Private, looks pretty in a room and quick to use because you simply drop in pictures.

Cons:- Some may argue that pictures simply dropped in the box, unorganised won’t deliver as powerful results. You have to take pictures out the view them one by one.

Vision Book: My personal choice. I call it a Vison Book because it sounds better than a scrap book! So, all you need is a scrap book and simply glue pictures into the Vision Book as and when.

Pros:- It’s neat, contained but still easy to access and view the pictures.

Cons:- You need to be disciplined in using it because its not displaying your visions.

Electronic Vision Board: You can use Pinterest (most popular) or there are specific apps that have been generated to create your virtual board online. See this article for app details.

Pros:- Clean and easy to use. Quick and doesn’t involve storing anything. So good if your short of space.

Cons:- I personally think there is something about the lack of physical connect with the pictures that dilutes their power. But maybe that’s because I’m a technophobe!

  1. Collect The Visions!

So far, I’ve only mentioned pictures, but you can use quotes, affirmations, book covers, funny photos, money, newspaper cuttings, letters. Basically, anything that helps you to feel good or provides you with a visual stimulation of what you would like to attract.

If you want your Vision Board to be goal driven then set your goals for the year and then collect a visual representation of them. This is extremely powerful exercise to do as part of your goal setting process.

Or, like I do, my Vision Book (Board or whatever you chose to use) is an on-going project that isn’t time specific. I continually add to it and update it.

So, collect your Visions and paste them onto your Vision Board etc.

  1. Use Your Vision Board

This is the good bit.

Look at your Vision Board etc. as much as you want too and enjoy!

It’s important you look at the board as often as you can.

It really does have a powerful effect for me whenever I do it. It makes me feel good and  it reinforces all my hopes and dreams to give me something amazing to look forward too. Updating my Vision Books also brings back my childhood days of scented pens and cool stationary and allows me to have some pure innocent fun for a hour or so.

What’s not to like about that?



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