Work outs with Personal Trainer. Session 4.

This blog post forms one in a series of 5 posts outlining the work outs I’ve been doing with Ben of Benifit to help me lose weight and tone up. See my Blog Post Cheaper Personal Training Options for the reasons why I advocate using a Personal Trainer as much as you afford.

They are worth it.

This work out concentrates on the core and finishes with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training.

The core work out is to help tone the tummy. When you do the core circuit your lower back may ache but don’t worry, this shows the exercises are working.

HIIT is a killer but the best thing for blasting the fat away.

Good luck!

Work Out 4

  1. Start with some stretches to prepare your body. Stretch lower back, core and hip flexors. Again if you are not sure what this means then ask or google what they are!
  2. Core Circuit:
  3. Plank 45 seconds
  4. Plank Dip x 30
  5. Press Ups x 10
  6. Alternate elbow to knee ab cycle x 40 reps
  7. Repeat 5 times
  8. Cross Trainer Interval Training: Start at resistance 8 – 10. Keep RPM at 60. Every odd minute ramp up your movement and go as fast as you can for 1 minute. Go for 10 minutes
  9. Using a 10-12 KG Kettle Bell (KB) do 10 walking lunges with KB in right hand. And then another 10 lunges with KB in left hand.
  10. 10 squats holding KB
  11. 10 overhead KB presses
  12. Repeat 3 times

Cool down and stretch off

I use Ben of Benifit in Newbury. See his website

I hope this article helps you!



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