Aggressive v Assertive Which Are You with Gemma McCrae

by | June 24, 2019

Aggressive v Assertive Which Are You with Gemma McCrae

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In today’s podcast, I give you the FULL FACTS on the difference between being AGGRESSIVE v ASSERTIVE.  Why do I think this is important? Well, I’ve come across so many people, who are incorrectly branded as aggressive, but who are in fact being assertive. It’s unfortunately commonly the case, that when an assertive person is faced with certain people, normally those people who are aggressive themselves, they are incorrectly branded as being “Aggressive”. So, I would like to identify the key characteristic traits between the two in the podcast  to help you understand your own behaviour if in doubt.

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As outlined in the podcast, the table below gives you the two traits of both Assertive and Aggressive.

General Attitude Domineering, forceful, attacking, insensitive, impatient, ambitious, righteous, hostile, bombastic, prejudiced, blaming, hurtful, reckless, mistrustful, status seeking, punitive.
Words and Phrases “You’d better, watch out, come on, should, bad, you’re a typical, shut up, get out of my way, hurry up, I told you so, you make me feel, you won’t”
Non-Verbal Behaviour Clenched fists, jerky movements, finger pointing, hands on hips, folder arms, big strides, back slapping, loud voice, shouting, staring, glaring, head forward, rigid, stiff.
Emotions Rage, resentment, irritation, loneliness, excitement, thrill, intoxication, passion.
Sense of Humour Caustic wit, sick jokes, put downs, teasing, bitchy, practical jokes.
Lifestyle Fast, full, competitive, many acquaintances, lack of intimacy, financially orientated, risky, short term goals, destructive.
Positive Uses Defence in face of threat, expression of justified anger, authoritive leadership in a crisis, the need to get noticed, acquiring resources for a good cause.
Negative Uses Abuse of power, others are hurt, fosters aggressive and manipulative behaviour in others, encourages dependency, threatening, isolating, ultimate self-destruction.


General Attitude Optimistic, positive, thoughtful, rational, evaluating, respectful, encouraging, sensible, fair minded, sensitive, compromising, self-protective, insistent, decisive, severe.
Words and Phrases “I want, I feel, I don’t like, lets, what do you think? how can we resolve this? Let’s discuss, the alternative options are, I won’t, no, yes, I know that, I appreciate you.
Non-Verbal Behaviour Expressive, relaxed, steady posture, upright, direct, eye contact, strong clear voice, energetic.
Emotions happy, sad, angry, compassionate, calm, serene, poised
Sense of Humour Playful, fun loving, willing to laugh at own expense, witty but not at others expense.
Lifestyle Active, varied, dynamic, innovative, organised, purposeful, ethical, humanitarian, conscientious.
Positive Uses Decisive, active, organised, efficient, team player, democratic, independent, creative, able to manage successfully, effective communication, able to cope with criticism, intimate, able to take calculated risks
Negative Uses Dislike from some people, limited power, restricted wealth, repercussions from mistakes, burdened with other people’s high expectations and demands.


My original blog post on Aggressive v Assertive is available by clicking here.

Gemma McCrae Bio


Gemma McCrae


Gemma is a leading Life Coach & Business Coach, Award Winning Podcaster and the owner of Prosperity Kitchen.

She did the corporate thing and had an extremely successful career in real estate in both London and the wonderful Dubai. Her successes in business were fantastic and enabled her to leave full time employment to pursue a career change and realise her true dream of helping both people & businesses be the best version of themselves that they can be.Gemma holds a BSc (Hons) in Estate Management, is a Chartered Surveyor and an Accredited Coach with the IAPC&M.

Regularly featured in the national press, Gemma is one of the “go to” people on Life Coaching & Business Coaching.

Gemma counts VIPs, High Net Worth Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Career Professionals, Stay at Home Parents and all manner of other amazing people as her clients.

She specialises in Personal Development, Career Coaching, Employee Coaching, Executive Coaching, Confidence, Motivation, Health and Small Business Coaching.


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