Body Language Explained with Elizabeth Kuhnke

by | December 4, 2017


Elizabeth Kuhnke Body Language

Elizabeth Kuhnke is the best-selling author of Body Language: Learn How to Read Others and Communicate with Confidence. (Capstone 2016), as well as three titles in the For Dummies series.  (Body Language FD, 3rd edition, Communication Skills FD, Persuasion and Influence FD).

Elizabeth is an Executive Coach, specialising in impact and influence. An acknowledged expert and bestselling author on the subject of communication and non-verbal behaviours, Elizabeth works with senior leaders and rising stars in global organisations, helping them present themselves at their authentic best with clarity, confidence, and commitment.

In the podcast, Elizabeth mentions:

  1. Psychologist, Amy Cuddy and her famous “Bear Pose” please see her TED Talk on this in 2012. Click here.
  2. Joe Navarro who is a Body Language Expert. His website can be accessed by clicking here.




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