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by | October 23, 2017

Heidi Strickland Clark Personal TrainerHeidi Strickland-Clark had a very normal childhood. She was fed real food, played outside and got dirty and got a Saturday job at 14. After being told at age 10 to move away from Enid Blyton she started reading health, diet and recipe books and found that she developed a fascination for all things foodie and health related.
In 2001 she trained as a Group Fitness Instructor and taught exercise for 10 happy years before deciding to spend more time running her own business, FastTrack Fit Camp. Throughout this time she would experiment with diets, regimes and programmes to work on health and weight loss. You could say she knows her way around a diet book. Then, years after thankless mornings on the weighing scales, she decided that there was more to life than whether she’d lost a pound or not and didn’t step on them again. Now she helps other people to find the happy in every day, whatever the scales say.

Her first book ‘Why Weight? How to be happy every day whatever the scales say’ is a book for women, giving them permission to ditch the scales and be happy regardless. She owns and runs FastTrack Fit Camp, a large, independent outdoor group fitness business based in Berkshire for adults who want to feel better every day. She is married to Dale and they have two grown up daughters Laura and Sophie.

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