Do Supplements Work with Immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi

by | February 4, 2019

Do Supplements Work

In today’s podcast I talk to Immunologist, Dr Jenna Macciochi as to whether supplementation really works. it’s a cracker of an interview. After doing this interview I’ve totally changed my supplementation process. She gives us the answer!

During the interview we talk about:

  1. Why are immune systems are weaker in the colder months.
  2. Do supplements work? She gives me an answer btw!
  3. Why taking too many supplements can have a negative effect.
  4. How the supplement market began.
  5. Why sunlight is so important.
  6. What to take to help your hangover.
  7. Why Vitamin E Supplements have been linked to strokes, cancer and congenital defects if taken by pregnant women.
  8. Why vitamin C supplementation needs to be staggered.
  9. Why she will only buy Vitamin B complexes that are methylated.
  10. Why Omega 3 is sooooooo important.
  11. Importance of fibre in your diet.
  12. Why probiotics are probably not worth buying…

A doctor of Immunology, Dr Jenna Macciochi holds a PhD from Imperial College London.  Her fascination with improving human health led her to study the immune system interfacing with every aspect of our physiology in both health & disease.  With a personal interest in the close relationship between nutrition and the immune system, she has pioneered clinical research in both academic & the pharmaceutical industry where her published work encompasses breakthroughs in the link between diet, the microbiome & disease.

– BSc. Immunology – University of Glasgow, UK
– PhD. Immunology – Imperial College London, UK
– Post Doctoral Research Fellow – Laboratorios Leti, Madrid, Spain
– Post Doctoral Research Fellow – Novartis, Switzerland
– Lecturer – University Zurich, Switzerland
– Teaching Fellow in Immunology – University of Sussex (current), UK





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