Energy Healing to Reduce Stress with Lindsay Heath

by | October 14, 2018

Lindsay Heath Intuitive GiraffeIn today’s podcast I talk to Energy Healer and Hypnotherapist, Lindsay Heath all about how energy healing can help with anxiety and stress. She tells us what energy healing is, signs and symptoms that your energy system is out of balance and tips for preventing our thoughts from controlling us.

My story

I suffered from ME (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome) from my mid-twenties through to my early forties. Whilst I was lucky in that I was able to work, I regularly took periods off sick and my evenings and weekends were spent lying in bed or on the sofa. I had many different symptoms from debilitating fatigue to IBS, psoriasis and muscle aches and cramps.

Over the years I tried countless alternative therapies to try and heal – most offered me no respite at all. However, hypnotherapy and energy healing both worked their magic. Working with two fantastic therapists in these areas, supported by my own research into healing and the mind-body connection and my use of various tools and techniques, I slowly began to heal. I was able to uncover why I became ill in the first place and then why I was staying ill.

I felt so passionate about what I was learning that I went on to do a two-year certificate in energy healing and I’m now about to finish my Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy which also includes EFT and NLP. I set up Intuitive Giraffe in 2016 as I wanted to use everything I had learnt over the years to help others to heal and make amazing changes too.

Qualifications and training

To qualify in August 2018 – Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Royal Berkshire College for Clinical Hypnotherapy)

Certificate in Energy Healing (School of Intuition and Healing, London)

Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology (Como Centre, Oxfordshire)

Further training:

The Psychobiology of Chronic Pain

Medical Intuition

Working with your inner child

Energetic cord cutting

Professional memberships

Student Member of National Hypnotherapy Council

Member of the School of Intuition and Healing

Group Member of the British Alliance of Healing Associations

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